A/W 2014: How To- The Sporty 90’s

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Welcome to the first instalment of my guide to Autumn/Winter 2014!

The first thing that I’m going to be covering in this series, is a trend that has previously had a revival into the modern fashion world, and is coming back again ready to rock Autumn/Winter 2014. It’s all about that sporty, luxe feeling, that you could easily rock to the gym, but could also pass for a high-end outfit at the latest fashion week. This trend is all about unconventional glamour, and is the true combination of style and comfort. It’s a real must for all those glamorous tomboys out there!


Originally, this trend would of been popular in the nineties, when in the UK, pop culture was a massive influence on young people, and bands such as the Spice Girls would of dominated any girls idea of a style icon. Then, the trend was a lot more about incorporating what you would wear to the gym, such as hoodies and tracksuits, with your daily clothes and outfits. I know it seems crazy, but even I remember wearing tracksuits and trainers out in public!


But now, the trend is all about creating a comfortable and chic take on the conventional sporty feel. With a lot of influence’s from American sport teams uniforms, and unique street style. It’s a trend that is starting to become quite popular with the modern woman who’s job requires them to do a lot of different things and be in a lot of different places at one time. I think that’s just because of the pure fact of how versatile the trend is and how easily adapted it can be.  It really is an upcoming, trend that you all need to get your hands on.


So to help you all out, I’ve trawled through the internet, and come up with my best picks to rock the trend of The Sporty 90’s on the high-street. It includes items from H&M, Topshop, River Island, and a few internet beauty’s from ASOS and Boohoo. So, what are you waiting for…


From left to right: ASOS £89.00 //H&M £14.99//Topshop x2- £30.00 & £3.50//Boohoo x4- £20.00, £6.00, £20.00, £15.00//ASOS £128.00//Topshop £28.00//Boohoo £15.00//River Island £25.00// ASOS £105.00//New Look £14.99// ASOS £40.00


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If your looking to just incorporate a small element of the Sporty 90’s trend into your daily personal style, then you should go for this slogan/printed tee-shirt from New Look. It’s inspired by an American Hip Hop group from the 1980’s, called Run- D.M.C. It’s a real iconic logo for the group and something that would add a good amount of sporty and edgy vibe to your look. In addition, it’s only £14.99, which is an affordable and reasonable price to pay if you want to try out a trend.


On the other hand, if your looking to update your already sporty wardrobe ready for autumn/winter 2014, then you need to go for something like this printed sweatshirt from ASOS or these skater shoes from Boohoo. Both pieces are very modern and have a more unique and urban feel to them. Although the sweatshirt is on the pricey side, it would look great a bit oversized, with the PVC joggers from boohoo, and toped off with the leather hat from H&M.


What do you think about the Sporty 90’s trend?


I love you all



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