The Guide To Autum/Winter 2014

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Hello Lovelies


This month I’m channelling my inner magazine editor and creating a guide of posts, that are all to prepare you for the fashion season ahead. There’s going to some Style guide’s, some How-to’s, and plenty of other things to tickle your Autumn/winter 2014 taste buds.


Have you noticed that shops and magazines are always one season ahead? While were are all currently wearing summer clothes, all the shops and magazines are full of the newest trends to hit the catwalks ready for autumn and winter. It may seem crazy, but it takes a long time to create the guide for how an upcoming season is going to be, as well as how the shops will interpret these trends through their garments.


So, this month I’m going to try to be one step ahead, and make rachelspick like a mini magazine, with a guide on everything you need to know for Autumn/Winter 2014. The reason why I’m wanting to write about all this information during the height of summer, is because I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to inform everyone about the season, before they then go and buy their clothes and accessories ready for it.


This month’s content is going to be full of tips, tricks and must-know information to get you on that journey from summer 2014, ready to rock autumn and winter 2014. There’s going to be information about what you need to be wearing on your nails, how to rock each trend on a budget, the essentials you are going to need, and much, much more….


So, are you ready to start your journey to rocking autumn/winter 2014??


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I love you all



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