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Hello Lovelies


This round of The Best Of We Heart It posts are inspired by a health kick, a fetish for bright colours, and an eye for something unusual.


July seemed to bring so much to the life plate. It brought a lot of stress, anxiety and a head that was literally about to explode. But, it also brought so much realisation and joy to life. What I mean by this, is that before the holidays my life totally evolved around school and school work, to the point where I just lost all hope for myself and at times felt like I was falling flat on my face. Obviously, that wasn’t the case and I was still doing academically well, however I just didn’t feel like me anymore, and that really got me! It felt like I was living someone else’s life and almost like it was me trapped in someone else’s body. I’ve never, ever felt like that before, and I honestly never want to again.


So, as soon as I got all my controlled assessment’s and exam’s out of the way, I decided that some thing had to change. I had to relax and learn to just believe in myself, and realise that I need to be at my best, to be able to perform to my best. This was really a turning point for me. I started to just enjoy the simple things of being able to just please myself and decide what I wanted to do. Also, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of a healthy eating kick and really try to cut out some of my bad eating habits. I don’t have a bad diet but I definitely have a sweet tooth weakness.


What did July bring for you??


During July, I actually didn’t spend that much time on We Heart it. I think it was because of how generally busy life was, and also the app has been playing up for a long time, and it frequently put me off going and spending some time on there. However, the app has now been updated and is so much better. It’s a lot more organised and easier to “heart” things on the go. Although, I didn’t actually go onto we heart it that much during July, I’ve still managed to choose over 25 favourite pictures to share with you all today.


So, without further ado, here is my favourite pictures that I’ve “hearted” through-out the month of July:


My Absolute Favourite

Out of all this month’s pick of pictures, I think my favourite has to be the first picture of a book. It’s not necessarily that this is my favourite picture to look at, but it represents how my life is at the moment, and how life evolves and you have chapters of different events in your life. This is just so relevant for me and my family at the moment. It’s so simple, but is just so significant. I love it!


I hope you’ve all enjoyed another round up of how my July went along with some gorgeous pictures from We Heart It. If you want to read up on the rest of this monthly 2014 series, then click HERE.


I love you all



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