The Most Beautiful High-Street Necklace

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On Tuesday, me and my mum headed off into town in order to return some trousers to River Island. I just didn’t think that I would wear them that much, and I decided that the money would be better spent on something else. Although I was only supposed to be taking some trousers back, I still had a little bit of time to have a look in a few other shops and pick up some bits; one of the shops that I went into was H&M.


I definitely have a bit of a love hate relationship with H&M, because I feel like all the clothes are really packed into the shops and that you have to really traul through to find the items that you like. However, I still decided that I would have a quick look anyway. So, I went off looking through the shop and trying on various things, before I decided on a beautiful top with a woman with painted nails detailing. However, before I could get to the cash desk, this gorgeous royal style necklace caught my eye, and I immediately knew that I had to have it.


H&M’s jewellery has always been one of their strong points, and they never fail to deliver a few gorgeous and unusual must-have pieces. Last year I bought a multi-coloured statement necklace from there, and it’s been a real key item in my outfits during the last year, because of it’s versatility and just how much I love wearing it. However, I think this royal style necklace has actually topped it, and will now be my new go-to necklace. With it’s gorgeous mixed, opal style stones that have elements of pastel green, blue, yellow and pink in, with gorgeous gold hard wear and a trio of silver stone leaves in-between each one. I think it’s honestly the most gorgeous piece I’ve ever seen in a high-street store..


Personally, I find that jewellery really is the glue that brings a whole outfit together. It creates the contrast, the femininity, the edge, and most importantly, the viewpoint of your whole look. It really is a key attribute in creating a great outfit, that your going to love and always want to wear. So when I see a piece of jewellery that I love, I know it’s not going to be a waste of money, because I will always try to incorporate it into my outfits and will never want to take it off. I know it sounds stupid, but you should always buy items that you love, because those are the items that you will truly get wear out of.


What do you think about this gorgeous necklace?


Love you all



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