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The wrap skirt as a concept has been around for quite a few years now. They’re most commonly known as an item that you would use as a bikini or beach cover up, but they’ve also been known for being used as a general quick clothing item. What I mean by this, is that a few years ago the wrap skirt was taken out of the “beach wear” category and was kind of up marketed to create a long piece of fabric that you simply wrapped around yourself to create a skirt, dress etc.., and it had two long pieces of fabric on either end that you then used to attach the item together or tie it up. It was not particularly that attractive and was far from being something you would go out on the street in!


Fast forward to 2014, and the wrap skirt is back. But this time it’s not your own fashion d.i.y project, but it’s a properly functioning, piece of clothing that is going to be a big hit over the next couple of months. It’s very similar to the skort in how it looks, with the cross over, front detailing, some wrap skirt’s could even be mistaken for a skort. However, the wrap skirt brings a truly elegant and feminine feel to the cross over, wrap, detailing, that strongly features in the skort style.


So, in order to be super fashion conscious this season, you need to get your hands on a wrap skirt, but where are you going to find one. Well luckily I’ve searched the internet to find the most unique and gorgeous wrap skirts to suit all budgets and styles. There’s a few items from Topshop and Boohoo, as well as a good old feature from ASOS. So what are you waiting for, here’s my 9 best picks of the wrap skirt throughout the high street:


From Left to Right: £15.00, Ted Baker for ASOS £129.00, HIDE for ASOS £126.00, Topshop £30.00, £6.00, ASOS £45.00, ASOS £10.00, Topshop £75.00, £15.00


Style Guides

If your looking for a item that really rocks that sport-luxe trend, and is a lot less typically girly, then you should go for this Sporty mess detailed wrap skirt form ASOS. I love how the mess adds a completely new texture and dimension to the look without it being completely in your face. It’s an item that really will stand out in your wardrobe.


However, in contrast if your looking for a very girly and ultra femine look, then I suggest you go for an item such as this white, floral, scuba wrap skirt from Topshop, or this yellow and pink floral wrap skirt from Ted Baker. They’re both such gorgeous pieces that really would make you feel so femine and would be an item that you’d always look forward to wearing. Also, they’re both quite diverse and could be dressed up or dressed down to create different looks, for instance if your on holiday and are going for a meal and then want to go clubbing. They’re both great items that suit a good range of budget’s, and are must-have pieces.


How do you feel about the wrap skirt??


Love you all



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