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Hello Lovelies


What beautiful weather we are having at the moment. It really makes everything in life so much better when you can just throw on some summer clothes and head out somewhere, without having to worry about a coat or Britain’s good old friend, the rain. However, because in Britain we rarely get temperatures of over 25 degrees, us British people don’t actually know what to do with ourselves when it get’s as hot as it has been for the last couple of days. The only way we really know how to cope, is to just head out somewhere in the gorgeous weather, obviously, that’s a bit of a stupid idea as were just going to get hot, bothered and probably sun burnt. But English people are known for being mad!


As it’s the start of the school holiday, most people are heading somewhere sunny and hot for their main summer holiday. However I’m not going on holiday this year for various different reasons, so me and my family decided to head out and enjoy the summer, English style. So on Saturday we headed off to the beautiful region of The Cotswolds. It’s just such a quintessentially British area, that’s full of cute little towns and villages, that truly reflect old style Britain. If your a fan of everything British, then this is definitely an area you need to visit. You can go and have a read of their website HERE.


There’s many different towns and villages that come under the heading of “The Cotswolds”, but we decided to just visit two of the most popular ones: Broadway and Bourton On The Water. Both of these area’s are full of cute, little shops and restaurants that truly reflect stereotypical Britain. I especially love looking in all the little gift shops that they have to offer, because I’m really into interior items at the moment and I love finding shops that I absolutely adore.


So, without further ado, here’s a little photo diary of my adventures on Saturday.



How did you spend your time in the gorgeous weekend weather??


Love you all



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  1. Caitlin
    15th July 2014 / 2:31 PM

    Beautiful place and pics! Love it x