The Best Of We Heart It- June

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Hello Lovelies


This round of The Best Of We Heart It posts are inspired by a few late evening walks, an urge to travel, and a love for nature’s beauty.


Last month, I really enjoyed being able to go on evening walks with my dog and just being able to feel the sun in my eyes and the breeze in my hair. These moments always make think about how great life is. I always find myself thinking and making a lot of life decisions while I’m on those walks. For me, it’s so important to have something in life that makes you evaluate what’s going on and really gives you that spurge to carry on.


Another thing that I really enjoyed about June was the weather and time. I know that sounds really weird, but life seems to go by so fast that sometimes you never even get a moment to step back and just take everything in. Also, I loved being able to spend a bit of quality time with my family, and just get away from everything else that seems to stress me out in life. At these times I always thought about a quote that I saw recently on Pinterest: “Be gentle with yourself, your doing the best you can”. You can go and have a read of my Quotes board HERE.


What did the month of June bring for you?


To help me get away from all the deep thinking that I was doing throughout the month of June, I spent quite a lot of time, on my good old friend, We Heart It. I probably spent a bit too much time hearting cute, little pictures and quotes that I saw, but I have to make these monthly posts worthwhile for all of you that are reading them.


So, without further ado, here’s my favourite cute, little inspiring pictures that I’ve hearted throughout the month of June:


My Absolute Favourite

I think my favourite of all of this months pictures, has to be the first picture of the retro bike. I love how it has that real feeling of just being on holiday in Italy and roaming around the streets, just sightseeing. Also, it gives of that feeling of romance with the just married sign at the back of the bike. I just love it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit of a different take to this month’s round of We Heart It posts, but I don’t want to make it really repetitive. Also, I want to quickly apologise for being a hit distant on here lately, I’ve had a lot on my plate and I need to get back into the whole writing a blog post situation.


Love you all



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  1. june
    6th July 2014 / 8:23 AM

    Really enjoyed looking & reading this