How To- The Summer Sandal On A Budget

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As summer seems to have finally found it’s home for a while, we need to adapt our wardrobe’s to it’s attribute’s and get season ready. There’s no longer any need for the occasional pair of boots to be popping in and out, or the big, comfy, parka, because the sun’s here to stay and it’s ready for a good old time.


Summer is always a time where fashion flourishes, as many people are creating unique outfits for festivals, parties and of course holidays.  It seems everyone loves to find their own look to rock in the hotter months! Also, at this time of the year, fashion rules kind of get thrown out of the window, as people are mixing style with comfort, practicality and longevity, to create the perfect look to party the night away.


This year’s summer fashion seems to be particularly varied and it’s going to be hard to find one individual look that you can rock all season round. There’s a lot of clashing prints, colours, textures and styles that are all there to trip you up along the way. But there’s always got to be one must-have that everyone needs to complete their look, and this summer it’s all about the sandal! Whether that’s a pair of cute, little, patterned flats, or some metallic, heeled, gladiators. There’s a pair for everyone!


A season must-have is something that everyone needs and wants to complete their look for that season, but not everyone has the money to splash out on something that might only be in trend for a couple of months. So to help all you lovely ladies out, I’ve picked out 9 pairs of the hottest sandals on the market, that are all on a budget. The price’s range from a bargain at only £8 to around £25. There’s really a pair for every taste, budget and style.


In order from Left to Right: New Look £14.99, Boohoo £12.00, River Island £20.00, Boohoo £25.00, H&M £14.99, Primark £12.00, Primark £8.00, Matalan £20.00, Miss Guided £9.99


Style Guides

If your looking for a sandal that’s going to be a really good overall summer essential that will just go with everything, then you’d be best to go for a sandal that’s quite basic in colour and style, such as this pair from New Look. These are an absolute bargain at only £14.99, and they’re neutral without being boring, because of the metallic edge to them. Also, the cork base and heel of the shoe, adds a sense comfort and ease to style.


On the other hand, if your looking to create a really standout, unique look this summer, then you need to get a pair of sandals that will always add that bit extra to your outfits, such as this pair of pink metallic, heeled gladiators from Boohoo. These sandals are a great price at only £25.oo, and will be something that will always pop out to you when your planning your outfits each day. I love how unique and comfortable these look, and they’re definitely a must-have if fashion’s your thing.


I hope you feel inspired about creating a great summer look on budget. I might make this post part of a mini summer series, and write about other summer essentials and how to get them on a budget. Let me know if you’d be interested in that.


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