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Hello Lovelies


For me, nail polish just seems to be a way of life. It’s something that I’ve grown to truly love over the years, and is now just an extension of my personality. I’m kind of known for my little obsession with nail polish and handbags, there just my thing. To be honest, I don’t actually know where my love for nail polish came from, it just kind of appeared out of nowhere. But the only reason I can really think of, is that it was the first glimmer of glamour for me. It was the first link to everything that was to come: makeup, hair, clothes etc.. It was just my little glamour fix.


When it comes to talking about nail polish, my creative juices start to flow. Just like when I talk about fashion. It’s just something that I’m so passionate about, because to me, nail polish is more than just something you use to make your toes look pretty. It can be a great accessory to an outfit, it can be a sign of feminism and it can even be a reminder of someone or something special. What I mean by this, is that I read something online about a girl who use to paint her dads toenails every fortnight, because that’s what her and her late mum used to do. Obviously, anything can be a representation of this, but it just got me thinking about the power of simple things that we all take for granted.


Over the years, I’ve not only grown to love nail polish but I’ve also collected a massive amount of it. It’s just something that always seems to catch my eye, mainly just because of all the different colours, textures, patterns etc… It always seems amaze me what they come up with and how each brand competes for the best innovative idea. But I suppose that’s all part of the plan, to draw all of us nail polish lovers into buying loads of the stuff. Which is how I’ve ended up owning 108 bottle of it. Oops..


My collection features many different nail polish brands, from Rimmel to Essie, to Avon, to Nails Inc. It’s just a great big mixture of everything. But what I love the most about it, is just all the colours and different types that I have. There’s always one that reflects how I’m feeling on that particular toe painting day!


So, Instead of explaining every little detail, here’s a run-down of my nail polish collection:

  • There’s 108 of the little bundle’s of joy

  • There’s 12 Barry M Nail Polishes

  • 12 Seventeen Nail Polishes

  • 10 Nails Inc Nail Polishes

  • 10 Revlon Nail Polishes

  • 7 Models Own Nail Polishes

  • 3 Ted Baker Nail Polishes

  •  3 Essie Nail Polishes

  • and a hell of a load more…


Even though I have so many nail polishes, I still have a few that I want to add to complete the collection. To be honest it’ll probably never be complete because nail polishes dry up, get old and end up needing to be replaced. So I’m sure that I’ll still be buying nail polish in the years to come.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little insight into my nail polish collection and what its got to offer. I could still go into so much more detail and show you so many more, but I’ll leave it for today. Maybe I’ll do another post like this again in the future, and I don’t even want to wonder about how many I will have then.


Love you all



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