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Boots- New Look, Jeggings-Dorothy Perkins, Watch-Armani, Rings and Necklace- Primark and Miss Selfridge, Camisole-Dorothy Perkins


Hello Lovelies


If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, then you’ll know all about my battle with Outfit Of The Day posts. It’s something that constantly seems to be a reoccurring problem when I’m blogging. It’s not that I don’t want to share some of my favourite outfits with you all, it’s just that things don’t seem meant to be. Every time I go to take some photo’s, something happens to jeopardise them, from the sun starting to set and making all the pictures too dark, to my camera deciding that it’s going to run out of battery after the second photo. Obviously the second reason could of been avoided, if I actually checked my camera’s battery before I went out.


Considering all of the problems that I seemed to be having, I decided that there must be another way for me to be able to share my favourite outfits with you all, without actually having to appear in them. This is when I came across a blogger that I follow on twitter, that had created an outfit of the day post, her way. She basically just laid out her clothes, like I’ve done here, and talked about the outfit and each piece. Since then I’ve actually seen quite a few other bloggers do things along the same lines, such as Anna from Viviana Does Makeup, and Lilly Pebbles, but it seemed like such a good idea, that I decided to go and take some photos, and write this post for you all today.


A few weeks ago, I got my makeup on, curled my hair and threw together an outfit , to head over to a little jewellery and clothes party at my friends house. It was a really great night with lots of girly chatter, shopping and some yummy food. But what made it even better for me, was that I loved my outfit. I know that may sound really stupid, but I’m just the type of person that would jump at the chance to dress up and change up my normal day to day, natural, makeup face.


The whole outfit I wore on the night, the makeup I put on, and how I did my hair, was really spontaneous, so I’ll go right back to the beginning and explain each part of my getting dressed routine for you all.


Firstly, I decided on what makeup I was going to wear, and what kind of look I wanted to go for in the evening. For me, this is a crucial part of your makeup routine when you’ve not pre planned your look. This also helps you create some kind of direction to your look and stops you from having any makeup disasters.


On that night, I decided that I wanted to go for a gold, smokey eye, with some bold statement brows, because I think you can get away with the whole deeper look at night, and this type of look is actually my favourite on myself. I used a really nice gold eye shadow, with a darker gold in the crease from one of my MUA pallet’s and used my Sleek, Dark, eyebrow stylist pencil to create some killer bold brows.  I was really impressed with the finished result, if I do say so myself. Although, I have done looks very similar to this before!


Secondly, I had to sort out my hair, because at the moment I really need to get my hair cut and it’s got the stage where my hair is really heavy and weighs my whole head of hair down. So, firstly I knew that I needed to give it a bit of bounce and volume, which is why I applied a hell of a lot of dry shampoo to my roots and massaged it in a lot to remove that horrible, white, sheen that Bastiste gives your hair. Then I flicked my hair straighteners on, so that I could curl my hair, because I like my hair the best when it looks effortlessly wavy, beachy and messy, especially when my hair really need a good cut.


Lastly, I picked out my outfit for the night. I’d recently bought this little blue/green camisole from Dorothy Perkins (I think), and I was dying to wear it because I just adore the really cute lace effect on it and just how extremely girly the whole thing is. I actually bought it a size bigger than I needed, but I wanted it to look really floaty and just be really comfortable. Then, I decided that I wanted the camisole to really be the statement of the outfit, so I just paired it with some black jeggings, again from Dorothy Perkins, that are honestly so comfortable and looks great for any occasion. Finally, I paired it with a cute little pastel pink necklace from Primark, because I thought it went with the camisole really well and just rocked the popular pastel trend.


I hope you enjoyed my first ever kind of outfit post, and have a bit more of an idea of what I personally like to wear. Obviously when I do another one of these posts, I’ll go into more detail about my outfit, which I wanted to do this time around, but today I just really needed to let you all know the background knowledge of the whole thing and how this post actually came about.


I love you all



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