The Best Of We Heart It- May Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


I wonder what defines a quote. Who actually says these things, that so many of us know and live our lives by, and how exactly does it end up catching on and being something that so many people say. It just seems like such a hidden mystery! It’s not like when me or you say something, that someone decides that it’s so good that it should be known by millions of people worldwide.


Quotes seem like such simple things, because at the end of the day, it’s only what someone, somewhere has said. But actually they’re quite complicated. Who actually thinks up of the weird and cryptic sayings that we have, such as “touch wood”, “Bob’s your Uncle” and “Mad as a box of frogs”.  I suppose these just show how weird English people are, but I’m sure that other countries have sayings that are really odd too.


The whole secret story behind quotes, kind of makes me like them more. It makes me wonder who actually said this quote and what was happening in their lives at that time. Also, did this quote help them get through a hard time, and is it a quote that someone else has used for positive encouragement. I know it seems like I’m over thinking things and looking too far into things, but it’s just what questions come up in my mind when I’m on websites like We Heart It, and I’m seeing thousands of different quotes. How do they not run out of little, witty sayings to post?


So, when your looking and reading through my favourite quotes from we heart throughout may, just think about the questions that they raise in your head, and how they make you feel. Is it a positive or a negative feeling? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or is it really relatable?


(P.S- Sorry for being so deep!)


My Absolute Favourite

I think it has to be: “Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving”.  I like this because it’s so easy to just lock yourself away when bad things happen and not want to do anything. But if you do that, then life is never going to get better, and in the end you’ll end up worse. Also, I feel like this is so relatable to so many people’s lives at the minute, and I think that we all need to have a little bit of encouragement to stay positive and be happy, when life isn’t that great!


I hope you enjoyed a little bit of a different take to this months The Best Of We Heart It posts, I always find it hard to not just be repeating myself, but to actually write something new that people want to read.


What’s your favourite quote at the moment??


Love you all



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