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Hello Lovelies


A few days ago, I wrote a post about a cute little vintage fair that I went to in my local town. I think it was called A Vintage Fair & A Sunny Sky! Basically, me and my mum just went a bit vintage crazy, and I picked up a few little bits from various places. It was actually really fun, and one of the most enjoyable times that I’ve had in town for a long time. I think it’s just because I always go there to shop for clothes and look in the shopping centre, so I never really get to explore the other side of it, which me and my mum went to. It was just a really nice surprise to the weekend! You can go and have a read of it HERE.


After the little vintage fair that we went to, we headed off to this Vintage and Retro inspired Sue Ryder Charity Shop. I’m not normally a charity shop person, because I just don’t like the whole thing of not knowing who has worn the clothes or what they’ve been doing with them, but this one’s a bit unique. It’s basically got loads of actual vintage and retro clothes, vintage and retro buttons and fabric, and of course old books and camera’s. Which is where this little baby came from!


I’ve been wanting an old vintage camera for ages now! I think it’s because me and my cousin saw an old instagram type camera in an Antique shop in France. It was way too much money to actually buy, but it was honestly so nice.  This kind of put me on a quest to find and own a vintage camera of my own. I wasn’t bothered about whether it actually worked and took pictures, I just wanted it as in ornament and something that I could use in the background of my photos, or just to put on display. So when I saw this little camera sitting in a cardboard box in the little Vinatge and retro inspired charity shop for only £2.00, I had to buy it. I just instantly fell in love with how it looks and it makes me wonder about who owned it and what it’s story is.


Do you have a love for vintage camera’s??


Love you all



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