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I can’t actually believe that it’s this time again! The two week period between these posts just seems to go so fast, and I barely even have time to think about how I want to interpret each little brief, before it’s time to sit down and actually write the post. But, it all seems worth it, because I’ve honestly loved writing every single post for this challenge, and I’m actually really glad that I’m a part of it. Also there’s so many other talented bloggers involved, who constantly write amazing content ,challenge after challenge, who you should really check out. You can go and have a look at the Google + page for the #Bloggersdoitbetter challenge HERE, for everyone’s details.


As you may of guessed by the title of this post, this weeks challenge was all about bloggers doing trends better. I could of interpreted this in so many ways, from the latest make-up trends, to the newest interior design trend. But I decided to go back to my roots and talk about my favourite topic, FASHION.


Personally, I feel like this season, there’s so many different trends, that it’s kind of a bit bamboozling. I think its just because of h0w varied all the trends are, and the fact that many of them are very contrasting and contradicting to each other. So when you walk into a shop, you just get a blur of trends thrown in your face, and you really don’t know which way to turn, or what style road to go down. But I want to help you all with this, by introducing you to the most popular trends this season, showing you where you can shop for the items to go along with each of them, and so you can decide which style road/s you want to go down with you style this year.


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This season is full of amazing trends that can be interpreted and worn in so many different ways. I think this is why  I love them so much. There’s just such a variety, and there will always be one trend that really suits you and then you can just really roll with it and make it a statement of your style. So I thought I would start this little introduction to this season’s trends, with the slightly smaller and more adaptable trends, and then go on to the bigger and bolder ones at the end!


Socks and Shoes

This trend has been constantly popular over various season’s, but slightly went out last season, for the more strappy and barely there shoes. But its back again! This time it’s better than ever, with chunky heeled shoes being very prominent throughout this style season, we can now wear contrasting, comfy footwear, that really brings a completely different element to an outfit.


Topshop have some really cute and unique socks that would be perfect for this trend. But you could also go and have a look at a website called Happy Socks, you can go and have a look at their website HERE. They have some really bright, bold and really funky socks that look so comfortable and perfect for this trend. They also have a look book section to inspire you!


The Rucksack

Again,this trend has been buzzing around the fashion scene for a while. I never used to like this trend at all, I just wasn’t really feeling a bag that just reminded me of my childhood. But how they’ve been shown,and some that are about this time around, have changed my mind. I’ve actually seen quite a few that I like and they’re much more grown up and not so childish. I just think that this way, you can wear them and rock them but look your age. Hopefully I will be purchasing one soon!


ASOS has some amazing rucksacks that are really unique and different to any thing I’ve seen before. They’ve really put a high fahion edge on their ranges of rucksack and thought about what people actually want to use them for, and how they want them to look. Again, Topshop also have a great range of rucksacks, and I’m sure you would find one that you like. I really love the white premium clean rucksack from there!


Graphic Jewellery

This season is all about the bold jewellery that really transforms a simple outfit into something much more interesting and high fashion. I love being able to chop and change my jewellery to create different looks, so this trend is definitely something that I will be clinging onto this season. Also, this trend is really about layering up different pieces, that maybe contrasting colours and shapes, and creating something really unique. I just love it.


A website called My Flash Trash, has the most amazing range of jewellery that would be perfect for this trend. From really bold and bright neon colours, to really abstract and unique items and shapes. I’ve heard a lot of bloggers talking about this brand,and I think I’m going to have to have a cheeky purchase from them! You can go and check out their website HERE.


The Shirt

This season it’s all about the shirt and how you can style it up or down to create several different looks. I love how all the high-street shop and brands have taken a different approach to this trend and created loads of amazing printed, and patterned shirts. This trend also gives an outfit a more sharp, professional, and clean look that you might want to use for a real outfit contrast.


New Look has a really gorgeous shirt that is white and has sheer panels running through it. It’s honestly looks so high fashion and something that you would expect to have cost a lot more than £14.99. You can check it out HERE. Topshop also has some beautiful patterned, oversized and cropped shirts.


As there is so many trends to talk about, I’m going to make a second part to this post to make sure I get to cover everything that I would like to. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you feel like you know more about the trends and where to shop them now.


Love you all



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