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Recently, Tumblr has become my new little addiction! I love sitting on my laptop, just re-blogging pictures for my little tumblr blog, and just making it look really cute and interesting. There’s not a specific reason why I love it so much, but I suppose it’s just because I love the variety of amazing pictures on there, and the fact that it’s like your own little blog/pin board, for all your favourite pictures. A place where they can all live, and you can look back on them whenever you want.


A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to really work on my tumblr, and make it a bit unique and different to everyone else’s. The first step to this was choosing a new theme that I hadn’t seen on loads of other tumblr blogs. This was actually harder than I thought, and it took a couple of goes to get one with exactly what I wanted. This was because, I really wanted it to be easy to re-blog a picture, because so many other tumblr blogs that I look at, make it really complicated to just re-blog a picture, and it actually really annoys me and in the end I just give up, because I really don’t want to mess around for ages. Also, I wanted it to look professional, as I’m a big visual person, and I like things to look the best they can be!


The second step to this, was deciding on my content. I was sick of just re-blogging any old thing that I liked, and not really having a general theme going on. It just kind of felt a bit lost to me. So, after looking on so many different people’s tumblr blog’s, I decided to go for the theme of modern fashion, with elements of contemporary lifestyle. It’s really hard to explain, but it’s really just my personal taste in things. The reason why I didn’t just choose purely fashion, was because I didn’t want to stop re-blogging quotes and cute lifestyle bits, but I also didn’t want to just create a blog that just has one element of what my taste is. So, I thought the best idea was to just mix them together, and create something new. Looking back now, I’m so glad that I made that decision, because I really love my whole tumblr blog, and feel that it has a sense of direction and purpose more now.


You can go and check out my Tumblr blog HERE. It would also be great if you could follow me, and I guarantee that I will try my best to follow back, but lately tumblr has been showing my followers a bit weirdly. I would love to take inspiration from all your blog’s and find more to love!


Love you all



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