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About a week ago, an email popped into my inbox from Blogger’s Lounge. If you don’t know who they are, and your a blogger, or thinking about starting a blog, then you definitely should check them out. They’re very similar to a company called IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers), where they write articles and create other useful content for bloggers, to help them develop their own internet spaces.  They basically talk about all different day-to day problems that bloggers encounter, from how to approach a brand, to even writing your first post. I suppose they’re one of those really useful websites that every blogger needs to know about, and have bookmarked on their favourites list. You can go and check out their website HERE!


Anyway, they were telling me about a really interesting fashion/style competition that they wanted me to take part in. It’s all based around Road Trip style and what I would wear/ or style to wear, on one. I jumped at the chance to take part because I’ve always wanted to visit so many different places around the world, but as I’ve got older, my desire and passion for it has grown stronger, and one day I would love to take a year out of my life and really travel to everywhere that I possibly can. So, I thought it would kind of be like a mini preparation for that, and just generally a bit of fun!


The whole competition has been inspired by the road trips and travel experiences available on There’s such a wide variety of road trips and travel experiences to choose form, whether you want to explore the atlantic coast, or delve into the best two islands of New Zealand. But I thought I would keep it a bit traditional and decide to explore the North Island by campervan. Literally all my family love campervan’s, we even had this thing about 8/9 years ago, where we all had to have a top of some description with a campervan on. I really don’t know why, but that’s families for you!  So, I thought that traveling by campervan for this little pretend road trip, would just bring back those memories, and would also be really cute and cool.


Pictures sourced from Google Images


As I’m going to be travelling around in my little Campervan, I won’t have that much room for all my clothes and accessories. So I would have to pack light and pack items that can mix and match together and create several different looks. Also, I would just have to take a few key pieces of jewellery that I could wear with anything and layer up to create different feels to different outfits. It would actually be really hard to pack for something like this, so in a way, I’m glad I’m not really going!!


my road trip style



I would pack one or two pairs of my white converse, because they literally go with everything and are really comfortable for any adventures that I might go on. Also, they’re quite light and easy to pack and store, because it doesn’t matter if they get folded or bashed about a bit. That’s just part of their charm!


Denim Shorts

A pair of good old denim shorts really are a must! They go with everything and are so comfortable and cool in the hot weather, that I think I would have. Also, they really fit the bill of being a bit bashed up and a bit rugged, which is what road trip style is all about!


Logo and Slogan Tee-Shirts

I would pack a couple of logo and slogan tee-shirts that are really baggy and oversized. They’ll be really cool to wear, look good and will look amazing tucked into a pair of denim shorts and boot converse.


A Leather Jacket

Again, a leather jacket is an absolute must and could literally be my only coat on the trip. I just love how it keeps you warm but not too warm, so you don’t feel really trussed up and trapped. It would also look good with anything and give my outfits a bit of a harder edge.



Of course you need a pair of sunglasses to finish any look off. Also it will hopefully be sunny, so you would definitely need them!! The pair in my suitcase are from New Look, and I love them because they look like RayBans.


A throw-on bag

I would pack a bag that can over your body and is just be big enough to keep anything you need in, through-out the day. I choose my really old one from George at Asda, it’s just plain brown with tassels on. I actually still love it now, I think it’s a really staple item in my wardrobe.


But, You could really interpret the whole style of travelling in a campervan in so many different ways. You could go really Bo-Ho chic, and wear flower headbands, rock the lacey dresses and big sunglasses to finish the look off. You would also, really need a bit of tassel and floral influences in there. In contrast you could go really edgy and rocky to! You could wear lot’s of different band tee-shirts, tank tops, and of course denim shorts. Then you could finish it off with a pair of round sunglasses.


You could even go a bit county, and wear checked shirts, bandana’s and again, loads of denim! I think there’s a theme of denim going on here! But, it’s just such a good material and something that can exist in so many different styles and work brilliantly. So to inspire all of you for your road trips, I’ve put together a little picture montage:

Pictures sourced from Google Images


Love you all



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  1. Caitlin
    13th May 2014 / 4:24 PM

    I loved this post Rach! It sounded so professional and interesting and road trips are something i love to read about, keep the great posts coming ‘lol’ hope that wasnt cheesy. Love from Caitlin x