#Bloggersdoitbetter – Two Brights And A Neutral


From Left to right- Bare from MUA, Crème D’Nude & Meltdown from MAC.


Personally when someone says the word “bright” to me, I either think of something like a clown who wears really bright and in your face clothes, or a lipstick colour. For me lipstick is just the best way to wear something bright, because it’s actually acceptable in society and it really adds a complete twist to an outfit. Which is what I love about it so much!! Especially over the last couple of years, I’ve got more into wearing a bright colour on my lips, and I suppose now it’s kind of just the norm for me. I feel like if your outfit is really boring, or your hair is, then you can throw a bright lip colour on and you instantly look awake, alive and really summery. I mean, what more can you want really?


This lipstick from MUA is the perfect summer colour! It’s a gorgeous corally orange/pink, that is literally so pigmented that you hardly need any to get a good effect. I really like it because it’s surprisingly easy to wear and although it’s such a bright and bold colour, it actually goes really well with most outfits, and especially well with people who have brown hair and eyes like me! Also it really is the definition of  budget makeup, at literally about £2! It’s such a bargain and a colour that every girl needs in their lipstick collection.


Then there’s the complete contrast to budget make-up, with this nude lipstick from MAC. This was actually the first lipstick from MAC that I ever owned and I really love it. I haven’t worn it that much, but I think that nude has kind of come back in fashion again, so I think I probably will be wearing it a bit more after this. Generally Mac lipsticks are just good value for money, even if they seem expensive, because they last so long, have the most amazing range of colours and they taste and smell literally gorgeous. They may be around £14 a time, but I think they’re definitely worth it!!


So, will you be rocking a bright lip this summer, or is a neutral shade more your thing???


Love you all



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