Modern Vintage

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Modern Vintage is a style based around mixing the old with the new,and creating something utterly unique. It’s something that seems to cause a lot of chaos in the whole Interior design world, and I think that’s purely down to how you actually define the whole thing. Which I’m really not surprised about! As it really is such a broad , open style, and something that can be done in so many different ways. Which, I suppose is what makes it so very popular with the modern person.


The whole concept of Modern Vintage has always seemed to interest me, even if I didn’t exactly know the term for it! I think it’s just the fusion of the two completely different styles working in harmony together, and not looking completely awful. Also, I’m a big fan of so many different styles, such as modern clean lines, vintage, and retro, which are obviously all completely different. So, I just love how two styles that originate from such contrasting places, can be put together and just look absolutely fabulous. Overall, I think it’s a style that will be very prominent throughout my home when I’m older, because I just love how unique it is, and how you can really interpret it in so many various ways.


But the real reason that I’m sitting here writing about this, is not just because I want to write about an interior style that I love, or that I wanted to mix my content up a bit, but the fact that I actually have to incorporate this style into my GCSE textiles project. When I first saw this brief I didn’t actually know what the term “Modern Vintage” was referring to. I had a pretty good idea, but couldn’t have actually told you there and then what it was. So, I looked into it, and soon discovered that it was actually one of my favourite interior styles, and one that I’ve always admired when I’ve seen it on pinterest, just because of how individual it looks. I’m actually really glad that I get to do my coursework around something I love, and hopefully I’ll be able to nail it. I’ll keep you posted on that!!


So, How do you feel about modern vintage?? Did you actually know what it was before this post???


Love you all



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