The Best Of We Heart It- April Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


My love for We Heart It seems to get stronger and stronger as these monthly posts go by. It’s kind of getting a bit of a problem to be honest. I’m not saying that I spend every waking minute on there, but once I’ve clicked onto the website link, I just love it and I suppose it’s bit of a guilty pleasure. So, these posts just kind of encourage me to go on there even more, and it gives me an excuse because I need to have some images and quotes to actually be able to continue doing these monthly posts.


If you’ve been a reader for a long time, then you’ll know that I’m such a quote freak, and that I just love them. I like to have a quote to say in a certain situation, and just some that generally relate to my life situations at that moment in time. They’re just so inspiring and give you hope that someone feels the same way that you do. Which I love. I’m even going to make a little inspiration wall, full of quotes and cute little sayings, just because I love them so much and I think it’s just a great idea.


Because I’m such a great person and love to share my favourite things with you all, I’ve picked out the best quotes on We Heart it, through-out April to share with you all:



The Absolute Favourite

I love the quote “Too Vogue For You”. Obviously, I’m such a fashion lover and it’s just really relatable to me, and actually reminds me of a tee-shirt that I have from River Island. I just love this quote and it’s really me!! It’s the type of quote that you’d say to someone, and what’s funny, is that I can actually imagine someone say it!!


Love you all



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