The Best Of We Heart It- April

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


I can’t actually believe that I’m still going strong with this post series and that I’ve not missed one or forgot to do one yet. It’s quite a miracle for me really! But I’m trying to not be so lazy and when I promise something, I’m actually going to do it and follow through with it. So we’ll see how the rest of the year goes, but so far I’m going strong with my first ever monthly post series. You can see the rest of the series HERE.


One of the things I love most about We Heart It, has to be the quality of the pictures and just how sharp they are. I know this may sound really odd, but I hate when you go on Pinterest or Tumblr and the picture is just not good quality. It just kind of takes all the enjoyment out of the whole picture for me and it puts me off. So, I love the fact of how good the pictures on we heart it look and using them on here.


Considering my love for all the pictures on we heart it, I’ve picked out my favourite ones that I’ve “hearted” through-out april for you all:


My Absolute Favourite

I absolutely love the picture of a woman with a sparkler. I just think it’s really positive and the light from the sparkler really represents a dream and hope for doing something, all most like a shooting star. It’s just so inspiring and makes you feel really motivated to have fun while your young, live life to the full and the fact that you only live once. I love it, and how unique it is.


You can check out Part 2 HERE.


Love you all



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