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Hello Lovelies


Honestly time goes so quick. I can’t even believe that on Thursday it’s going to be May already, and that were nearly 5 months into 2014! It only seems like 5 minutes ago since it was Christmas, and we were all tucking into our turkey and roast potatoes. Especially at the moment, and at this time in my life, time seems to be going even quicker than normal, and I barely seem to blink and another month has gone by. Although, it’s good because were getting nearer and nearer to summer, it’s also quite sad, because I feel like I don’t even have time to take anything in at the moment, because I’m constantly on the go and doing something.


The word on everyone’s lips at the minute seems to be “Spring”, and to be honest, I’m really not surprised. Everyone’s sick of horrible, grey days and the constant patter of rain on the windows. It’s so depressing and un-motivating. So, when we had a glimpse of what was to come a few weeks ago, everyone seemed to just go crazy, and, even I got the skort out. But now the weather seems to have gone back to it’s old and glorious ways,and the coats and boots have to come out of the cobwebs.


Even though the weather may still be adamant at staying cold, horrible and miserable, your style doesn’t have to. You can still bring out the pastels, brights and all the amazing patterns that spring/summer 2014 has to offer, but you might just have to layer them up a bit, and maybe add a good old coat or two.


So, to start kick your spring influenced wardrobe, I’ve picked a mix of different spring coats from the high-street to get you all in the mood:


Cameo Rose Neon Green Crepe Longline Blazer-New Look


I’m actually amazed at how many coats the shops had in stock and how much choice they had. It gives you some hope that the shops are still grounded and on this planet, even though sometimes they seem to be living in the clouds. I love how many patterns and textures they seem to have in, they really add a complete contrast and different feel to your whole wardrobe and are something that’s vital to spring/summer 2014 style.


My Favourite’s

As soon as I saw this item, I knew it had to feature in this post, and it’s mainly because it’s so unique and unlike anything else I’ve seen before. It’s the duck egg blue, leather trench coat! It’s a real stand-out piece and something I think you would find your self wearing all the time, just because of how beautiful it is. It’s a bit like a diamond in the ruff, because if you think of river island or described a leather, blue trench coat, you would not think of something as beautiful as this item. It really is a little gem. Although it’s on the pricey side, at around £200, it would cost so much more if it was a designer item and actually it really looks like one! I just love it, and if I had the money and thought I could pull it off, then I would snap it up quickly.


Another coat that I love, is the neon green one from New Look. It’s a colour that I’ve started to become a little addicted too, after I bought a jumper this exact colour a few weeks ago, that was actually from the same place. I love the brightness of the colour and how it really brightens up any outfit and makes you feel really good. It’s a feel good colour! It’s also another piece that would be very statement in your wardrobe and something that you would always love and want to wear. I also love this piece and just how bright it is!!


Which ones your favourite??


Love you all



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