The Essentials: The Leather Jacket


Leather Jacket- Miss Selfridge


The Leather Jacket,truly is an essential in any girl’s wardrobe. It goes with everything, and is a great throw on item, mainly just because of it’s versatility and how easy it is to wear. If your someone that finds pairing items for an outfit hard, or you just don’t really bother that much with the trends, then it’s honestly so perfect for you! They’re also such a great item to just take out with you and throw on if you get cold, because it’s not too heavy, but when you’re wearing it, it’s actually really warm.


When I was originally looking for a leather jacket, I actually found it really hard to find one that was affordable. All the ones that I seemed to like where at least £50, and because I’d never had one before, I didn’t know how much I was going to wear it, so I didn’t want to spend too much on something I wouldn’t wear. But I finally found this one in Miss Selfridge, that was actually a good price with a 30% discount. I was so surprised that an amazing leather jacket was not only a good price, but also had an amazing discount too. So, of course I had to snap it up straight away and add it to my wardrobe.


Since that moment, I’ve never looked back, and I’ll honestly never think twice about paying a lot for a leather jacket again. They’re just so versatile and they give any outfit a more grungy and masculine feeling. Which I love. They give a girly dress, a more modern and edgy look, and they add a completely different feel to the classic jeans and white tee. They really are a true essential and something that everyone needs in their wardrobe’s.


What do think about the Leather jacket??


Love you all



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