Happy 2nd Birthday rachelspick

Hello Lovelies


I just want to start by saying “Happy 2nd Birthday rachelspick, for this time last week”, what a year it has been. I honestly can’t believe that I’m sitting down and writing this type of post again already. It only feels like 5 minutes ago since I wrote the last one, back in April 2013, you can go and have a read HERE. I suppose time just goes too quickly, and we barely blink before the next year is over and were all sitting, counting down the seconds to a new year. It’s quite scary really. But it’s even more scary that I’ve had my little space on the internet for two years now, and I’ve watched it constantly grow and develop into something that’s not so “little” any more.


When I first started out blogging, I didn’t know anything about the whole industry and I never really thought about the long term plan for my blog at all. It was very much an impulse thing and something that I just started doing because it looked good and would help with my future career plans. So I never really thought about what would happen one, two, three, four years down the line, and I suppose what I would be doing or where I would be with the whole thing.  That’s what makes where I am now, even more scary and overwhelming to me.  Most people when they start blogging, have read a lot of blogs and have wanted to do it for a while but never dared to, but for me it was a lot different and I suppose I kind of threw my self into the deep end and had to learn how to swim. But I will never regret it, because it’s the best and the most amazing achievement in my life.


The last two years really have been an amazing roller coaster ride. I’ve had hard times when balancing blogging and my social life has been a real struggle, and times when I’ve really struggled  with content and what to actually write. I’m not saying that I ever considered giving up blogging, because I didn’t, but I’ve had my own battles with it. I suppose everyone does, it’s something that is kind of completely alien to us, sharing our experiences and writing openly on the internet for everyone to see is not really a thing that is implanted into us. But if you’re up for a bit of hard work and determination then it soon becomes a whole new part of you. I think that’s one of the best parts, it brings out something new in you and a side that is really patient and determined, that you almost don’t think you have. And I really love that!


So, what has happened so far…..

Well, there’s so much to tell! I honestly don’t know even know where to start, but I better just get on with, or we’ll be here forever!


Reached 1,217 followers

I still get shivers down my spine and kind of can’t believe it, when I write how many followers I have. It’s weird because I can’t conprehned 1,217 people, there’s not even that many people at my whole school! I’m still in a state of shock from hitting 1,000 followers, and now I can’t believe that there’s another 217 people following rachelspick since then. Thank you if you do follow my blog and if you would like to follow my blog then look just under my bio links, enter you email and hit the “follow” button. You won’t regret it!


Had 12,310 views

Back in my post last year, I’d only had 5,o63 views and I was honestly so proud of myself. But now I’ve more than doubled that figure and I’ve hit one of my goals that I put back on that post last year, to see that I’d had 10,000 views. I’m so grateful for everyone who has ever read my blog, is a new reader, someone who reads regularly or other bloggers that also read my blog, if it wasn’t for all of you then rachelspick wouldn’t keep progressing and developing like it has. Your all amazing!!


You’ve all commented 521 times

 I’m really proud of this because getting people to comment is one of the hardest things, but it’s also so rewarding and so heart warming to hear what you all have to say about rachelspick. Some of the things you say are so nice and I love to give you advice and for you to share your experience’s and opinions on things that I have written about. Some of you even comment on my own personal possessions, which is so nice of you. So, I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you all:


“off subject but I love that statement necklace! I hadn’t thought about changing my makeup for the spring, might look out for a new blusher or eyeshadow for a change 🙂 xx”




“Great post lovely, dance is my escape, even if it’s not what i want to do as a job. Keep dancing xxxx”


Taken part in two blogging challenges

This is when a collection of different bloggers come together and write a series of posts under various titles/challenges. I’d never took part in anything like that before this year, but honestly it’s so much fun and you get to talk to loads of new bloggers. I took part in Fashion February, you can see all the posts HERE, and I’m currently taking part in #Bloggersdoitbetter, you can my posts so far HERE.


Written my first ever Guest Post

I took part and wrote a post for a blog called Shona Louise, you can go and have a read HERE, and it was for a blog series that she was doing called Fashion On A Budget, and I wrote about how to nail fashion on a budget on the great British high-street. I actually really enjoyed doing it and the post has been quite popular. I’m really hoping to be part of more people’s blogs and get some other bloggers to contribute to rachelspick. You can go and read my first ever guest post HERE.


I’ve done so many other things, but I think these are the most important and relevant right now! I’m honestly so overwhelmed at how popular my little blog has been and I’m now so ready to continue writing bigger and better content, go to events and meet other bloggers, and just have even more fun blogging!


Love you all



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