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What a bargain!


The word “bargain” seems to be on everyone’s lips, and there’s no real surprise why. With there being so many bloggers and people who are kind of outside the normal industry, there is a lot of real opinions about products and cheats flying about, that a few years ago would hardly of been available. So there’s no wonder that now everyone’s looking to get more for their money. Whether that’s just saving a few pounds at the till, or getting an expensive beauty product for half price!


We seem to be a nation obsessed by getting a bargain and feeling like we have saved a little bit of money or getting something worth more than what we paid for it. So it’s about time we played ourselves at our own game, and instead of trying to save money on an expensive product that you hope will work, spend less money on products that you know will work and that you will always come back to. Products that you won’t believe are all under £5.


Personally, I’m sick of paying a lot of money out for products that appear to be amazing on the outside, but when I actually get down to using them, they just seem to fall a bit flat. It’s a constant re-occurring thing in our minds, if we pay more, then it’ll be better. Obviously, in some cases this is true, but nowadays the high-street is full of amazing products that are just as good and sometimes even better than high end products, and they also cost a hell of lot less. So it’s about time that we all started being a bit more savvy with our beauty.


Firstly, I want to talk to you all about the amazing brand Vo5. They make some fabulous products that are so affordable, and so simple and easy to use. I know that might sound really weird, but they’re just so fuss free and they just work so well. Every single product that I’ve tried from them I’ve loved, and they seem to do no wrong. I especially love the Nourish My Shine Shampoo from them. It smells so good and it really gives your hair that salon feeling, something that every girl is looking to re-create at home. It also makes my hair seem so alive and really healthy and new, which I love. It’s a product that I would always recommend and I’m actually really surprised I’ve never mentioned it before. It only costs around £3.99 and is just such unbelievable quality for how much you pay for it. It’s honestly, a must have!

Secondly, I’d like to talk to you all about the skincare brand simple. They create some amazing products that are so fuss free and literally only have the most basic of ingredients in, so they don’t damage your skin or irritate it in any way. They’re perfect for people that have quite temperate skin and that often feel like their skin get irritated very easily. One of my favourite products from their range, for when my skin and spots are just really angry, is the Refreshing facial wash. I feel like it just really calms my whole face down and that it prepares my skin for a day of make-up. It’s a product that both me and by best friend love, and something that I literally can’t live without, I just love it.


Budget beauty is well and truly in Vogue. I can’t get enough of good products that don’t cost the earth, and are just gorgeous! Is there any products that you just can’t live without that are cheap as chips?


Love you all




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