The Aquarium Collection


From Left to Right: Pacific, Mermaid, Mediterranean


I’ve been eyeing up the new aquarium collection from Barry M for quite a long time now. Every time I go and look in Boots I always just seem to be attracted to the bright metallics of the collection and how beautiful they are, but the whole thing of “I don’t need any more nail polish” always stopped me from picking one up and purchasing it. To be honest I don’t actually need any more nail polish, I never really needed the last about 20 bottles that I’ve bought, but it was more that I just wanted more nail polish.


At the moment Boots have got the amazing 3 for 2 on any make-up product on. Obviously this is the perfect excuse to maybe buy something that you have wanted for ages or something that you may not actually need, but let’s face it, all girls wants, out way their needs. So when I went in yesterday, I had to go and buy the nail polish that I’d been eyeing up for ages. I originally only wanted “Mermaid” because I loved how it reminded me of the sea and just how unique it was, but when I knew it was three for two, I also picked up another two from the same gorgeous collection, Pacific and Mediterranean.


Even though there’s a massive hype over Barry M nail polishes, you still never know what a new collection is going to be like, and whether it’s going to be as good as the existing ones. So I was still a little wary when buying them, because they are very different from what Barry M has ever done before and they don’t always get it right. I remember when they first brought out the textured range and everyone wanted one, but then when people started to actually use them and review them, they weren’t actually as amazing as everyone thought and they actually looked really weird on the nail. It was a great idea but they just didn’t quite get it right, and that’s what I thought may of happened with the new aquarium Collection.


Although I have only had chance to use one, however I did actually want to wear them all, I already think they’re really good and I highly recommend them. To be honest I think every single blogger would! Barry M nail polishes are known for being amazing, not only because they literally are so cheap, but they are also amazing quality and could easily pass for a high-end nail polish. I think every girl has at least one in their collection. They are just so easy to fall in love with and are so easy to use and dry so quickly, so you never have to sit there waiting for hours on end for nails to dry, which for me is a must. I also love how rich the colours are and how the look on the nail, compared with in the bottle.


Have you tried any of the aquarium collection??


Love you all



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