Pineapple Palaver

Playsuit-ASOS, Bikini- Topshop, Shirt-ASOS, Dress-ASOS, Tee-shirt-ASOS


It seems that everyone’s going crazy for a little bit of tropical influence at the moment. With the palm tree trend and various other leafy and bright prints coming back in fashion, we couldn’t forget the most memorable of all, the pineapple. Something that seems to really represent the whole feel of the tropics. I think it’s just the smell, the taste and even the look of them that sends us all a bit tropic crazy.


To be honest I’ve never really seen a pineapple as something that I would be rocking clothes wise, but let’s face it, fashion goes in ways where no one else dare go. So maybe we should just trust the experts and potentially rock the most fresh and up and coming trend to date.  Even though we may feel like they belong more in a fruit bowl than on our bodies.


Although I don’t particularly love the whole “pineapple” thing, it is starting to grow on me and you never know, I may be rocking one very soon. I particularly love the baseball shirt with the pineapples on from ASOS. I think it gives a really different take on the trend and makes it less cute and more modern and edgy. I think it may be creeping into my wardrobe this spring!


How do you feel about pineapples??


Love you all



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