The Sparkly Ones


From left to right: Juicy Jules, Sunset Chillout, Northern Lights


Personally I think that when nail polish is sparkly, it’s just a lot more girly and pretty than regular boring nail polish. It glitters in the sun and catches the light so beautifully. If you want someone to notice your nails, then you definitely need to wear it.


In the picture above, is the three that I love and most like to wear when going for that glittery look. I love how they all look on their own but also as a cute accent nail with a matching or contrasting colour. They all give a different look, especially the more confetti type one. This looks gorgeous when you just have one coat, but also looks fabulous with a few more to really emphasise the effect.


Also, I would always highly recommend getting Models Own nail polish. Not just for the sparkly ones, but for all your nail polish. They dry so quickly, they’re really chip resistant and they’re great value for money. I have quite a few nails inc nail polishes and as much as I love them, they take so long to dry and I just get frustrated because it smudges and I just take it off. But with Models Own, they just apply so easily and they dry so quick that you don’t get bored waiting. So, I would definitely buy Models Own over something more expensive like essie or nails inc anyday!


What do you think about sparkly nail polish??


Love you all



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