The Best Of We Heart It- March Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


As most of you know, this post is a regular, monthly thing, where I just share my favourite things from We Heart It each month. But because I have a slight addiction to it, I split the the post into two, the pictures and the quotes, because I just spend too much time on there hearting things that I end up with so many things to choose from by the end of the month that I can’t put them all into one post.

Yesterday I posted part one, if you would like to have a quick re-cap before reading the rest of this post then click HERE. You can also read all my posts from previous month’s HERE.


I’ve literally mentioned this so many times on here, but just in case you’re a new reader, it’s that I’m an absolute quote freak. I just love a good quote. Whether that’s a massive paragraph, actually I would probably just remember a certain part that I liked, or just a few sentences, which my brain just seems to process better. I just have this addiction to them and like to spring them up in different situations. It’s probably so annoying but I still do. Although recently this part of me has been in hibernation.


Quotes are just a good invention. They can help you in a situation, lighten the mood or just intrigue you a little bit. But how are you supposed to remember them, when you most need them most. Well, you could set one or a collage of a few as your screensaver on your computer, your lock screen or background on your phone, I-pad or I-pod. You could also get some printed professionally and frame them, or you could create a little quote/inspiration wall, full of your favourite quotes. You could write them on post-it notes, print them off, write them on nice paper or whatever you want.


But before you do that, you need some quotes to start you off:


My Absolute Favourite

I love the first quote from Great Expectations, “It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light and winter in the shade.” I just think this is so accurate and it really describes this time of year. Also I’ve been reading Great Expectations, not for pleasure, but for an English assessment, and it can be quite a cute book. I just love this quote!


Love you all



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