The Best Of We Heart It- March

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


I can’t believe that we’re already at this time of the month again!


If you have never read one of these posts before, then you may just need to catch up a bit. You can view all of the posts so far this year HERE.


Believe it or not this post is actually one of my favourite to write. I don’t really have a specific reason why, only the fact that it’s really popular with you all and I know that when I hit that “Publish” button, you’re all going to love it. Well you all have so far, but just for good look I’ll touch a bit of wood. If your not from the UK, you might not know the phrase “touch wood” means. Basically it’s just when you say something’s going well but you don’t want it to change because you’ve said that, so you touch a bit of wood. I don’t really know why you have to do this, I think it’s just a bit of an old wives tale.



Another reason I like to write this post,  is just because I love We Heart It. I absolutely love the quality of the pictures, because then I can use them on here  and know they will look good, and I just love the range of pictures and quotes that are on there, I think they’re so inspiring and pleasing to the eye. If you don’t have a clue what We Heart It is, then really it’s just a collection of pictures and quotes that you can “heart” and then it goes onto your little canvas of pictures. It’s very similar to pinterest, but personally I think the range and quality of the pictures are a lot better than pinterest.


So let’s get back to what you actually came to read this post for. Here’s my favourite pictures on WE Heart It in March:


My Absolute Favourite

This moth it’s really hard to decide my favourite because I don’t have a really stand out favourite, but I’ve just gone with what one just seems to stand out a little more than the others. It’s the sketch of a woman, with flowers and various other things on her. I just think this is really unique and represents how woman are, they can be very pretty and girly, but also very horrible and harsh. I actually really love this picture, it’s growing on me.


Love you all



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