Everyone Get’s Like It

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Today I was sitting feeling very sorry for myself. It wasn’t really for any apparent reason! I think it was just life catching up with me, I hadn’t and still haven’t had enough sleep, have had absolutely no time to do anything for myself and most of all I just felt a bit shit. To sum up my mood at that moment in time, “what is life”?? I just felt a bit sick of everything and I feel like I’m so busy trying to impress other people and doing things for other people’s benefits, that I don’t even have time to think about me!


It seems that this happens to a lot of people, so please don’t worry if you often feel like this, because I guarantee that someone else feels like it too. I suppose that’s why I chose this very cryptic title.


When you have a life that is so busy and your the type of person that likes to push themselves to the limit to achieve the best you can, it does start to creep up on you. This is just me all over. My best friends always saying that I need to take more time out for myself and not to worry about other people and what they think. It’s such a good job that I have her to keep me grounded, because I just get very caught up and I let things affect me when there’s really no need or it’s not worth it. So when I was feeling so bad earlier, I just sent her a quick text, told her how I felt and she honestly made me feel so much better. She kind of put things back into perspective and kind of inspired me to write this post. So thanks for that Caitlin!


For me, one of the best parts about reading someone’s blog and why you personally like someone’s blog, is because you can really relate to what they write and it’s like their really on your page. So I try to share all my thoughts, feelings and experiences with you all, because I know that someone out there will feel the same as me. It also really helps me to be able to almost get it off my chest and express how I feel, without getting judged or anyone sticking their nose in, because at the end of the day, it’s my little space to write and I can do whatever I want.


“This post was inspired by one best friend, an annoying feeling and some chocolate biscuits.”


Love you all



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