D.I.Y Floral Eye Mask


I’m a massive fan of making things yourself! I suppose it’s just that it’s a lot more personal and you feel a real achievement when you’ve made something yourself, compared with when you just buy it. As well, when you make an item yourself it can cost a hell of a lot less and you have total creative control over the whole thing. So it’s a win, win situation really!


This floral eye mask is a great example of making something yourself that costs almost next to nothing. My house is like a craft shop and because my mum makes things she has loads of material, buttons, ribbons and anything else you could think of really, so all the materials that I needed I already had. But I know that this isn’t the case for everyone. So if you’re thinking of making this then I suggest you first search around your house for an old top or something that you like the pattern of but ask first if your allowed to cut it up. You could also use ribbons of chocolate boxes and presents for extra detail. But if you don’t want to do this then visit your local market and you should be able to get half a metre of fabric and some embellishments for a good amount of money. Also places in the UK like The Works and The Range are great for the little extra’s.



*You will also need some elastic


This is the not only the perfect gift to yourself but also for someone else. It’s a really cute idea that you can tailor make for the person that you are giving it too and can actually be used or can just be used for decoration. It’s also a good idea for someone who likes to pamper themselves or who actually wears an eye mask when they go to bed. Although I don’t know that many people that do.


1. Print of the template and photocopy it by 200%.

2.Pin the template onto your floral fabric and cut it out. Repeat this on the matching felt as well. You could use fleece, if you want the eye mask to be washable. Also, using the dotted line on the template, cut the wadding to a slightly smaller size.

3. Place the two right sides together, with the wrong sides facing outwards and sew round, using a sewing machine or you could hand stitch it. Make sure you leave a 1cm seam allowance and at least a 5cm gap at the top to turn it the right way round.

4. Turn it inside out and put the wadding in through the gap that you left. You will need to fiddle about with it to get it straight and make sure it’s not folded.


5. Get your Pompom garland or you could also use rikrack to line the whole thing. Pin the garland really precisely and carefully so you can get it the right shape when sewing. When you get to the gap, you still need to pin your garland on but also you need to pin the gap shut at the same time. You should use a zig zag style stitch for this.

6. Then you need to decide what embellishment you would like to put on. Sequins and buttons in the middle of the flowers looks really nice and so does making a little flower corsage to go on it. You could also just make a bow and sew it on, like I have.

7. Now finally measure your head for the elastic, if it’s for yourself, or use yourself or someone else’s head as a guide if the eye mask is going to be a gift. Then sew the elastic on, about 1/2 a cm away from the edge of the mask.

*You could also add a ruffle on the edge or even sew on a few words on the front.


Will you be having a go at this really cute, little gift this mothers day??


I would love to see them all if you do decide to make one. Please tweet me @rachelspick or email me at rachelspickblog@gmail.com.


Love you all



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