Hello Spring

Hello Lovelies


Although I love winter and all the positive things that it brings along with it, I’m actually really starting to get bored of it. Even though it isn’t the longest season of all, it definitely feels like it, especially this year. I’m just so sick of all the wind, rain and freezing cold temperatures, which seem to have made another appearance recently in the UK. 


So I was so happy when I went to search for something on Google and found out that today is technically the first day of spring. I don’t know whether today’s weather has actually been that spring like, but at least now we can finally say that it’s spring and that winter is over for another year.


For me, spring just brings so many things. Obviously one major thing is warmer weather, the opportunity to finally pull out those shorts, longer days and lighter nights and the opportunity to fit more into your day. What is there not to like?? Also there’s plenty of things coming up on here for you all. I’m looking forward to working with some other bloggers and having someone else’s input on my little baby. I’m also working on a few new projects and posts, one of them that will be based around different people’s fashion problems and generally just trying to make my

blog bigger, better and more personal than ever before.


As it’s a new season I feel like there’s a few changes I want to make ready for the few moths ahead. One of them is to connect with you all through social media. Whether that’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr…. I just want to be able to share and connect with you all more, because there’s so many of you now. This leads onto another change that I want to make. I want to build my following and have even more fun blogging and potentially doing YOUTUBE, but properly this time. I feel now is the right time to expand rachelspick and do something that’s slightly more out of my comfort zone. Please bare with me, but I will get there eventually.


If you want to find me or follow me on any social media then look on the sidebar just to your right and all my links are in pink circles under my mini bio.


Do you feel inspired by the new season??


Love you all



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