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I don’t know what it is but everyone’s going crazy for the beachy, textured, hair look at the moment. I suppose it’s just what every girl wants their hair to be like! It looks so effortless and messy, but in a way it also looks quite chic. But I wouldn’t recommended walking into a work meeting rocking it. Maybe it’s a little too casual for that.


It seems like such an easy style to achieve, because it’s really only looking like you’ve just got out of bed or rocked up with the beach air in your hair. But, as probably many of you know, it’s definitely not. It really involves a lot of time, practise and a hell of a lot of product. Obviously this isn’t like the golden tricks for textured hair, but it’s a good start.


I think every girl has an ambition with their beachy hair, it’s normally based around something you’ve seen or read about. So to inspire you all, here’s a few images that inspire me for my beach locks:


Right at the top of the post, I’ve put a picture of three products that I personally use to achieve my beachy hair. I’m not saying that these are the best products for beachy style hair, but I think their a great start. I particularity love the VO5 Texturing spray. It just adds so much volume and texture to your hair, and is such good value for your money. It’s only around £3.50 and it’s honestly like a product that you expect to cost about double or triple what it actually is. It’s so worth a try!


Also I love the VO5 Blow Dry Lotion. I think it creates a great base for beachy hair because it really makes your hair look so healthy, thick and lovely, but not just filling your hair with product. This is honestly such a good product and is also such great value for money. You can probably see a theme starting to go on with VO5 products.


I really love beachy, textured hair. I think it’s so summery and is already so popular this season, so it can only get better. What do you think about beach hair?? What’s your favourite products to achieve that beach washed look??


Love you all



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