Spring Hair And Make-up Inspiration

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As spring is finally starting to make an appearance, all us girls want to get in the spirit and this is often through our hair and make-up. Whether that’s changing up your lip colour for something more bold and bright or messing about with braids and plaits. We all have our own little ways to get into the mood of the new month and the fact that were finally starting to move away from winter. This is something that I’m so glad about because I just feel like this winter has been so long, but I suppose we always say that because who really loves winter, it does drag and get very boring!


Spring make-up has gone very natural and muted. So get out you nude lipsticks and your mascara because your going to need them. But definitely don’t throw away that orange lipstick because that’s having one massive come back this year. Also dig out your pastel colours, because let’s face it their fading onto our faces as well.


This season’s hair is all about the messy, textured and again natural look. Also braids and plaits are making a massive comeback, whether that’s a simple fishtail braid or a more complicated wrap around plait. I absolutely love this trend just because they’re so pretty and feminine and give that real flirty edge in the hotter weather. You also need to dig out your curling wand because it’s all about the beachy and loose waves.


What are you doing to change up your hair and make-up this season??


Love you all



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