A Few Little Rings


All rings are from River Island


At the moment, rings are just my new obsession. I don’t really know why. I think it’s just the fact that you can stack them up and they can give a completely different dimension to an outfit. I just love the more grungy and kind of Kylie Jenner feel that they can give, but also the more cute and sweet side that they can give as well. So really their just the full package.


I’ve always had quite podgy and fat fingers, so it’s always been really hard to find rings that fit me, but when I saw these cute, metallic, love heart rings and they fit me, I just had to have them. I honestly loved them so much and I wore them so much that I just had to go back and get some more. This is when I saw these cute, little finger top rings. I just thought that they would look so good with the ones I already had and are just a bit different.


How do you all feel about rings?? Do you like them? Or do you not?


Love you all



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