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Hello Lovelies


Happy March, I hope your having a great month so far!


The world of online shopping seems to be so big, but online clothes stockists still seem to be overlooked by a lot of us. To be honest I think we’re all hanging on to the whole concept of the high-street and the conventional shopping experience, but we need to open our eyes and smell the online roses because there is a lot were all missing out on.


Although shopping online has it’s disadvantages, like not being able to try anything on, feel the fabric of the clothes or have that feeling of bringing your bags home and looking through everything you’ve bought, it also had so many amazing advantages, such as you don’t even to leave the comfort of your house, have the stress of parking, driving there, and you get the amazing feeling of a parcel arriving at your house when you’ve completely forgot about that you’ve even ordered anything.


So to encourage all you high-street shoppers to get online and to inspire all of you that already are, I’ve searched through all of the items that are new in and are the best for spring 2014 to create a little insight for you all on what ASOS has to offer.


Collared Dress £35, Maxi Dress £199, 3D Floral Dress £60, Florescent  Shorts £25, Embellished Skort Playsuit £95.00


All these items represent different elements of this years spring and summer trends. They’re so different but I love them all so much in completely different ways and I would wear each and every one of them!


The Shorts

I think these are the most out there and hard to style items that I have chosen, but they are also the most amazing ones and really caught my eye from the moment I saw them. I just love the look of them and they’re just such a statement piece and for £25 they’re not only an absolute bargain but also amazing! They’re honestly a must-have item!


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I just love this outfit! I think it’s so verstaile and could go from day to night so easily with just the addition of an oversized coat!!


I love you all



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