Fashion February #4


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Hopefully if I don’t get carried away, then I just want to make this post short and sweet because I know that some of the other Fashion February posts have been quite text heavy and that it can be quite boring when they’re like that. So I will honestly, hand on heart, try my best to keep it short for you all.


Today’s post is just full of endings! Not only is it the end of Fashion February but it’s also the last day of February 2014, were never going to be able to live it again!! WOW! That’s so scary. But, honestly I’ve really enjoyed this month, just because of all the Fashion February challenges, the true turning point when I decided that the best way to carry on with blogging was my way, and finally, hitting the best views I’ve ever had in one day, 91 views.


For the final challenge I am going to talk about Kimono’s. This is something that I feel is just so out of my comfort zone because I’ve never actually owned one. Now I know that you don’t have to have owned something to know about it, but I just feel like I can’t say that much about them because I don’t physically know that much. But I’m still going to try my best with what little knowledge I have and what I’ve learnt through planning this post to create a good read for you all.


Hopefully you all know what some form of a Kimono is, and were not talking about the ones that Chinese people with chopsticks in their hair wear.  Were talking about the ones that people would actually step out of the house in and are actually in fashion. To be honest, I actually do like them and don’t have any reason why I have actually never owned one myself. I think they’re so feminine and pretty, but they also have that contrasting oriental edge that so many people love. They mega versatile and are great for a cute cover up in the summer, on holiday or just to add some colour to a plain outfit.


I think that’s just the beauty of them, that they’re so colourful and unique to anything else that you would ever have in your wardrobe and are really out there. So keeping that in mind, I’ve chosen the biggest, brightest and boldest prints that I can find to really inspire you all for shopping for your Kimono.


GREEN FLORAL BIRD PRINT MAXI KIMONO & BLUE TIGER PRINT SATIN BURNOUT KIMONO- River Island, Native Rose Sunshine Kimono- ASOS, Rochelle Geo Pom Pom Trim, Emerson Tie Dye Draped Kimono In Berry-Miss Guided, River Island Printed Kimono-ASOS


But when you have a piece of clothing that is so bright and colourful, it’s hard to create an outfit that goes with it because it’s so unique. But it can quite easy if you just keep the colours simple and plain,, such as black or white and you should be fine. Also denim is a great one to pair a kimono with too because it just goes with anything really.


 Sometimes It’s best to try out your outfit with various things before you wear it, so if you put two things together and they really clash then no one will ever see it and you will have learned a great lesson on what not to wear with it. So to help you all with the styling of your unique Kimono, I’ve created two outfits to inspire you on on how you can wear yours.

PicMonkey Collage 2

PicMonkey Collage


I hope you liked the final Fashion February Post and enjoyed the whole series, which you can see HERE.


I love you all



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