The Best Of We Heart It – February Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


Welcome back to the second part of my little show and tell of my favourite We Heart It images and quotes through-out February.


I don’t want to go into two much detail about the whole post because I feel like I’m just constantly repeating myself and if you’ve read all the previous posts then you’re probably going to end up with deja vu and just get extremely bored. So if you’re a new reader or have just missed out on my previous post, then you need to have a quick update of it all by reading my first post HERE. You may also want to have a quick read of last month’s posts too, you see them HERE and HERE.


I absolutely love We Heart It, and one of the main reasons that I do is because of the quotes. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m just such a quote freak (if that’s actually a thing) and I just like to have a few in my head to help me with the situations I’m going through at that moment in time. I just find to have an inspiring quote to just think off is so helpful and it actually really helps me. But obviously, being such an expert,  I only like the best of the crop, and I just find that generally, We Heart It seems to have the best of the lot all in one place.


So throughout February I’ve been hearting away at various quotes, images and other inspiring things to share with you all. For this post I’m just focusing on quotes, this is the more deep of the two posts and in yesterday’s post I focused on the images, the more fun and visual one. So here we go, my favourite We Heart It quotes through-out February:



My Absolute Favourite

It has to be “I think that every person you meet you just fall in love with. Just a little bit. And a piece of them always stays with you. So overtime you collect people, and maybe you don’t remember every single one, but that doesn’t mean they they haven’t affected you. For better or for the worse. They changed you.” I just think this is so lovely and so inspiring. you never really think of it in that way but it’s actually very true. I love this quote and I honestly think it’s such an interesting look on life.


 I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel very inspired.


Love you all



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