The Best Of We Heart It- February

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my little show and tell of my favourite We Heart It pictures through-out February.


This post is something that is hopefully going to run through-out the year, and so far I think I’m doing alright, even though it is only February. The whole point of it, is just for me to share my favourite pictures, quotes and anything else inspiring with you all, from We Heart It each month, which will hopefully inspire you all for the day, week and month ahead. If you have been a reader for quite a long time, then you will know my love for We Heart It and just how much time I actually spend on it and how much I seem to just rave about it. So you’re probably not surprised that I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post series it. But if you’ve only been a reader for a short while, or this is your first visit, then obviously you won’t have a clue about any of that but after this post you certainly will do.


If you read my January post, then you will know that I actually split the post in half because I couldn’t fit everything into one post. I honestly thought that I’d only do this for January, but now, to be honest I think that it’s going to be a monthly occurrence because I just have so many hearts to choose from that I can’t possibly fit them all into one post. It is partly my fault because I kind of use this post as an excuse to go on it and have probably been on it a lot more than last month. I mean to be honest I’ve probably hearted about double the amount of images! If you want to have a quick read of my January post before you read the rest of this one, then you can HERE.


So, obviously I’ve also split this post into two halves as well, the pictures and the quotes. Hopefully this way you will be able to properly take in the whole post and not feel so overloaded with pictures and text that you can’t be bothered to waste time sharing, liking and commenting on the post. Which of course I want you all to do! So, here goes my favourite pictures on We Heart It through-out February:


My Absolute Favourite

This was so hard because I literally love all of the pictures for different reasons but I think ultimately I like the & sign just above. I just feel like it symbolises that there’s always something else and that it’s never the end, something always happens after and that life is full of and’s. I just love it!!


I hope you enjoyed the first of my February favourites and that you feel really inspired!


I love you all



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