How To Pick Out Your Perfect Outfit in 2 Minutes

When your going out and you can’t find the perfect outfit, it’s honestly so annoying! It just creates so much stress just before your about to go out and then you’re all flustered when your eventually ready and take a while to just chill out and calm down. But let’s be honest,most of the time your don’t really fully recover from being so flustered and it just ends up ruining your whole night.


I know it may seem to some of you like such a small and stupid thing to stress over but everyone likes to look nice when they go out, and if they’re wearing something they don’t feel great in then they will just feel awkward and uncomfortable all night. So you need to seriously think about what you are going to wear and the factors of it, such as,do you actually feel comfortable, look good and personally like your choice.

Bearing this all in mind I have come up 5 easy tips that will hopefully help with all of your wardrobe drama’s and leave you feeling completely fluster free for your night out.


1. A few days before start to think about what you could wear.

This will make the whole situation easier because you will already have a vague idea of what you would like to wear. You don’t need to think to much about accessories but just the simple basis of the outfit.


2. Know of a few items in your wardrobe that you feel great in and really look good on you.

This will be so helpful if you have no idea to wear because then you have a few go-to items that you can just quickly pick out. These will be great because you should love them, love wearing them and feel really confident in them.


3. Invest in a pair of shoes and an evening bag that will go with everything.

Then you will be able to quickly throw them on with any outfit and not have to worry that they don’t go or look stupid. It’s essential that the shoes are comfortable to wear, just so you are comfortable through-out the night.


4.Make sure you have at least two pairs of nude and black tights.

Then you won’t have to worry about what you can wear because of the colour of your tights and will always have a back up if you snag the first pair.


5. Have fun and embrace your femininity.

Always have fun and play around with what you wear. New patterns, textures and colours are always good so embrace them and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Also women have many features men obviously don’t have, so show them off!! Get your legs out or a bit of cleavage, but NEVER, EVER both.


I really hope you find these steps useful and your wardrobe drama’s will be almost non-existent after you’ve read this post. Also please have fun!!


I love you all



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