Fashion February #3


Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my third post for Fashion February!


If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to catch up a bit before you start reading this post, by having a look at my two previous ones, which you can see HERE and HERE.


I honestly can’t believe that I’m sitting here writing the third post of this series already. WOW, February really has gone quickly. But I still feel like I’ve accomplished quite a lot on here, with these regular fashion posts and various other bits. Although, if you follow me on Facebook, then you will know that I still want to give you even more, so the rest of February I’m going to post everyday and I have planned some really exciting, new content, for you all. So watch out!


Unless you were living under a rock when you clicked on this post, you will know that it’s all based around Tartan. Something that seems to be such a massive trend recently! I honestly thought that It would be like a one hit wonder, where it was in for one season and then you wouldn’t dare go out in it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised, because that’s obviously not the case.


At first, I wasn’t really that keen on Tartan because, like I said, I thought it would just go out of fashion really quickly and there wasn’t much point in me buying something tartan because I wouldn’t be able to wear it for very long. But after buying a really cute tartan shift dress, I just fell in love with wearing it and found myself literally living in it. I just find it so easy to wear because it’s a such a statement piece and something that you can just throw on with some tights and it will instantly look good. That’s what was so appealing to me, that you can look good without really putting much effort in what your wearing.


To be honest, I thought that Tartan had kind of gone out of fashion and thought that it wasn’t so “big” any more, but when I was looking through the shops online for some of the best tartan items on a budget, there were actually loads of things and it really surprised me. So in fact I think it’s still very much in, so it’s still worth cashing in on the trend, but because I think budget is so important, I have chosen tartan items for men and women that are all under £30.



 Shorts- River Island, Midi Skater Dress-, Over sized smock dress-, Pencil Skirt- Missguided, Cut Out Shoulder Shirt-, Denim contrast shirt-Miss Guided



Tartan Check Long Sleeve Shirt- ASOS, Dark Denim and Tartan Shirt- River Island, Dip Dye Tartan Shirt- New Look, Green and red tartan shirt- Topman, Monochrome Check Jumper- Topman, Tee shirt- River Island


Before I had anything that was tartan, I honestly thought it would be so hard to style and wear because it’s so bright and bold, but actually if you add simple colours and accessories, then you really can’t go wrong. But if you’re feeling slightly more daring, try monochrome with the traditional tartan, it adds a completely different edge to an outfit and adds more texture to it all. Otherwise you could just add denim because that always looks good with tartan and is just so timeless and something that everyone has in their wardrobes. 


It’s alright buying an item, but when you have no clue how to wear it, it’s starts to get complicated. So I have styled up two outfits to inspire you how you can style up your Tartan!


PicMonkey Collage

Shirt-MissGuided, Bomber Jacket-Topshop, Necklace-Topshop, Shorts, River Island, Hat-MissGuided


Coat-Topshop, Skirt-MissGuided, Shirt-River Island, Shoes- H&M, Bag-

The best way to be in the trend of Tartan but not spend a fortune, is to just buy something that is very simple and can be styled up in many ways, such as the denim and tartan contrast shirt above. It’s great with just with a plain pair of jeans or jeggings, but is also great with shorts or even a tartan skirt is your feeling brave. Also another way, is to look online on MissGuided or, because they have great pieces that are so affordable and are also good quality for the amount you’re paying. Honestly this is the best way, because they don’t have the costs of shipping and shop maintenance to deal with, unlike normal shops, so they’re prices are a lot more affordable.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my third Fashion February post and are feeling inspired by Tartan.


Love you all



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