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When your planning a party you always want it to be bigger, better and more amazing than any one else’s. But that can be hard to achieve when you don’t always have that many ideas on exactly what you want. So I just wanted to create a little post today for you all, on a few lovely party ideas that I’ve been collecting and admiring on Pinterest in the last few weeks.


Especially as you get older, you no longer want that party in your local village hall with a few coloured balloons and a game of pass the parcel. You want something more grown up, with good music, cool food and drink and one amazing theme! That when people leave, they think it was the most amazing party ever. I know that it is a bit far fetched, but let’s be honest, that is what every teenage girl really wants.


You’re probably thinking that all of this is a bit random but I assure you that it’s not, because I will be hitting a huge birthday in a teenage girls life in 8 months, sweet 16. So this is why I’m really in the mood for anything and everything party related because I want to have the best 16th birthday ever!!


So whether your hitting a big milestone age or just planning a little party, I hope you find this post inspiring and it gives you a few cute ideas for your party.


I Love you all



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