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Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first post of Fashion February!


This post is going to be running through-out all of February on here and on over 50 other blogs. It’s basically several challenges set by the leader of the whole thing, Ali. She sends us all an email each week explaining what each of the challenge’s are and what we have to do for each one. But what the best thing about it is, well it’s the best thing for me anyway, is that all the challenges are fashion related. So not only are they perfect for me but they are also perfect for rachelspick, as it is mainly a fashion blog. Recently I haven’t done that many fashion posts on here, so this will be a good injection of fashion for you all each week. I suppose, a little thing for you all to look forward to!


As it’s not only me that is taking part in the challenge, I want to be able to share everyone else’s links that are taking part, so that you can all go and read there blogs to. So then not only am I being a nice person, sharing new blogs for you all to have a look at, and I’m getting a few blogging brownie points. Which is always good!


So here are the first 13 people for you all to have a little lookey at:

P.S- (Click on the words and you will be able to go straight to the link)


Ali-  Blog  Twitter
Erin: – Blog  Twitter
Uggynog:- Blog  Twitter
Andreea:- Blog  Twitter
Rebecca:- Blog  Twitter
Milarie:- Blog  Twitter
Kyle:- Blog  Twitter
Vivienne:- Blog  Twitter
Mawuelome:- Blog  Twitter
Amira:- Blog  Twitter
Ellie Mae:- Blog  Twitter
Kitt Noir:- Blog  Twitter
Jesslyn:- Blog  Twitter


Please give these people some love, because they all work so hard on their blogs and they seriously need credit for it! Plus they all have some really good content to get your teeth into.


For the first challenge, we are all working with a company called Numari. They’re basically a women’s clothing company but they make all their items to custom fit, or to fit the specific person that is buying the item. You just simply fill in a form and email them all your measurements. Then you wait for it to made. Also you can shop online 24/7 and there’s free shipping and returns. So what’s not to love!


We have all been given a choice of Numari’s “Diagonal Block Sheath Dress” in four different colour combinations, which we can then choose which one we want to style up. Then Numari will go through everyone’s looks and see which one they like the most and will send a free dress to them. WOW! I’m literally so excited about that bit. If you want to see everyone else’s looks then look through the hastag #Fashion February on Twitter or go and like my facebook page for a link to my favourite posts for each challenge, everyday throughout February.


For my look I have chosen to work with the black version of the dress with nude panels. I love this version and I honestly think it’s so classic and so versatile. It’s something you really do need in your wardrobe. So for my look I have tried to make it quite classy and chic but with a modern twist, because that really fit’s in with my blog and my tastes, as well as most of my readers.


Dress– Numari, Coat– Topshop, Necklace-Topshop, Shoes– ASOS, Hat- ASOS, Bag– ASOS


I hope you love this outfit as much as I do and feel inspired to go buy this dress and visit any of the bloggers listed above.


I love you all



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