Statement Necklace Look Book- UPDATED

Chain- Miss Selfridge, Broach and Chain- Dorothy Perkins, Purple- Primark, Small Pink- Primark, Multi-coloured- H&M


Hello Lovelies


Looking back on posts when I first started blogging is never going to be something I enjoy, but it’s even worse when I look back on a post when I have really embarrassed myself. Obviously It’s not like I did an underwear look book and showed you all my favourite pants and bra’s, but still when I look back on my previous statement necklace look book  I just cringe with utter embarrassment. The photos are just so awful and I honestly don’t understand what possessed me to think that it was ok to post these on the internet. It’s honestly that bad, that I’m not even going to link it to this post, because it just embarrasses me so much.


So I thought that it was about time that I redeemed myself and made an updated version. It’s not only because the pictures embarrass me but it’s also because my taste and my collection has matured over the last year. To be honest I can’t even believe how much I have changed over the last year, it’s quite unbelievable. I feel like a completely different person now! One of my main goals of 2013 was to really find my own style that I love, and I think that I really have blossomed and began to create a lovely sense of style, so it’s important that I update you on what my tastes are at this moment in time.


Statement Necklaces for me are a staple that every one needs in their wardrobe. They are just so versatile and if you have one that you really like, then you will honestly want to wear it with everything. Well that’s what I’m like anyway! When I get a new statement necklace I want to wear it with anything and everything, just because I love it so much. It’s probably the “new” feeling. You know the feeling when you buy something new and want to wear it all the time.


These necklaces are my favourite statement necklaces at the moment. I’m loving the look of them all with this cute white shirt from Primark. I think they just add such a different edge and contrast to the girly shirt. Honestly this is what my style consists of at the moment.


My Favourite

The statement necklace I love the most at the most has to be this purple one from Primark. When I first bought this, I loved it, but then got it home and really just fell completely out of love with it and wanted to take it back. But sometimes you just have to work at something and that’s what I did and know I really love it. It probably helps now though because the colours are more in and I have a few tops and shirts that I love wearing with it. I’m loving Primark necklaces at the moment, you should definitely check them out!


I hope you like this updated version and feel inspired to go and have a look in primark.


Love you all



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