The Best Of We Heart It- January Part 2

The Quotes

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to part 2 of this month’s ” The Best Of We Heart It”.


Although this style post only had it’s preview to you all last night, it’s already been so popular. I can’t honestly believe it. It’s always really hard when I write a new post, because I never know how popular it’s actually going to be, and sometimes I spend a lot of time and effort producing a post and then it’s not that successful,  so I can’t express to you how happy I am that yesterday’s post was as successful as it was and that you all enjoyed it. It honestly really motivates me to carry on writing each month, knowing that when I press that publish button, you’re all going to love it.


As I mentioned in my previous post, this month’s post has been split into two parts, the quotes and the pictures. This is just because I had so many things that I had hearted to choose from, that I simply couldn’t fit them all into one post, or you would all have brain over-load, trust me. So yesterday I focused on the picture side, you can go and see that HERE, and today I will be focusing on the quote side, because as know I’m a bit of a quote freak.


Quotes on We Heart It are probably my favourite quotes out of all the places I see them, such as pinterest, twitter, Facebook and blogs. They always seem to have some really inspiring quotes, that always have nice fonts and backgrounds, because let’s face it, we all like a quote that’s good and looks pretty. So in honour of this, I’ve chosen my favourite quotes from We Heart It through-out January so far to share with you all:


My Absolute Favourite

Is the picture, right at the bottom on the far right of two girls and it says “Best friend forever”. For me this is just so true. I truly think every girl needs one really good best friend that they can experience every emotion with, enjoy the good and bad times and someone to be there for them and listen to them. Friends are one of the most precious things in life and my best friend is everything to me, I won’t mention her name but she knows who she is.


I hope you love the second part of this post as much as the first and feel really inspired by some of these quotes.


Love you all



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