The Best Of We Heart It- January

The Pictures

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to yet another brand new post!


This post is going to be a monthly series, that will hopefully run through-out the year (emphasis on the “hopefully”). The whole point of it, is just for me to share my favourite pictures and quotes from We Heart It each month, because as you may of noticed, or I’ve mentioned, I absolutely love the website and it’s so good for a little quote freak like me. To be honest, even if you’re not a total quote freak then there’s still some really inspiring stuff on there. It always makes me feel so motivated and inspired to share what I see, so I decided that was exactly what I was going to do, in form of a monthly post over on my little internet space. 


Although I haven’t actually been on We Heart It that much this month, I still had sooo many quotes and pictures to choose from that I had hearted, that I simply couldn’t put them all in one post, so I have decided to split this month into two parts, the pictures and the quotes. Hopefully by doing this, you will be able to not be over-loaded with masses of pictures and quotes that you will actually be able to enjoy the content and comment, share and like the post.


Today, I will be doing the first half and that will be the pictures! I thought I would change it up a bit and give you some pictures to ease you in, before I start you on some deep quotes. So with-out further ado, here are my favourite pictures of January:


My Absolute Favourite

My favourite overall is the black and white picture that is off a women’s chest area. This picture for me shows a powerful women and being a feminist my self, a feel like this is a real empowering picture that shows modern women and the fact that we can be glamorous yet feisty and fabulous. I really love this picture!


I hope you enjoy the first of the my new post series and that you feel inspired.


Love you all



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