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Hello Lovelies


Welcome to 2014! I hope your having a great one so far!


It honestly feels like so long since I’ve actually sat here writing a post for you, I can hardly believe it. I’ve been going to write this post on and off for over a week, but never actually got round to sitting down and writing it. There was moments when this post was never even going to happen because I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it, but after finding motivation from an unknown place, I’ve made myself sit down properly and write away, and to be honest now I’m writing this, I’m quite enjoying it.


Today’s post, for me, is quite a crucial post for rachelspick going forward! Mainly because all though I know that there’s over 1,000 of you that read my blog and follow me on various social networking sites, I can’t actually talk to a lot of you or physically see you, so I don’t have that many ideas of what you actually like to see and what your opinions are. So today I want to sort this out for good and get some true feedback from you all.


 Originally I saw this idea on Lily Melrose’s blog and thought it was such a good idea to find out what your readers truly like and feedback generally on your blog, without them actually having to put their name to their opinions. Obviously this could cause horrible problems and feedback but I know that none of you are like that (well I hope your not) and that I will just get really lovely and helpful feedback on my work.


The one main thing that is really important in all of this is that you all participate, because if you don’t then I’m not going to be able to take on board your opinions and advice, and use it to improve and create the best blog that I possibly can. So to make this possible I need you to share this post on all your social networking sites and ensure that you fill out the survey the best that you can and give me lots of detail. So here’s the link and I can’t wait to hear from you all!



Love you all



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