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Where did 2013 go??


Hello Lovelies


As promised here is my 2013 post for you all. It’s definitely going to be a little rambly, very text heavy and hopefully a good read for you all. So I’ll get going and I hope you enjoy it.


When I was sitting in my Aunty’s living room on New Years Eve two years ago, I never would never of believed that what happened last year would actually happen to me. I would of thought you were lying. But for good and bad reasons, I’m so glad that they have, because they have truly made me the person I am today, sitting here writing this post for you all.


2013 for me has been a year full of life lessons and experiences. It’s a year that has taught me so much about people, life and most of all my self. It’s taught me so much more about my self and some of the habits I have, that I suppose I never really realised before, such as overthinking most things. I knew I did this a bit but 2013 really showed me how much I actually do it, so 2014 for me is going to be a year of just going with the flow and accepting that some things are out of my control. Also, the fact that you can’t please everyone, there will always be someone who is unhappy with you or your actions, the only person you can truly please is yourself.


I feel like, compared to this time last year I have matured so much and learnt so many new skills, such as progressing in blogging and how to create great content and great photos, finding my own style that I love and most of all, just staying true to myself. Ultimately, I think that’s the most important thing, because you want people to love you for you are and also you want to truly love yourself, because let’s face it, if you can’t love yourself then how do you expect others to!


Throughout the last year I have really developed my love for quotes and finally realised that I’m officially a quote freak! So here’s a few quotes that I have lived by and learnt this last year:


Source-We Heart It and Tumblr

2013 was a true time for meeting new people and experiences. I’ve become a lot closer to many people that I can now call my really good friends and hopefully people that I always treasure and keep contact with. Also I’ve met and spent time with some amazing people and some that I’m so amazed that I have never met before, even though they may live 5 minutes away from my house. The one thing you need to always remember is, having good friends is all you need and always surround yourself with amazing people.


Last year brought many good and bad things in the blogging world. My stats in February to August last year were very low compared to the previous year, this really got me down and made me really lose faith in my blog and myself as a blogger, it was really hard and a time I never want to go back to. But the one thing I always remembered through that time was “there has to be a low before a high” and this was completely true. I worked my absolute socks off and from September onwards my stats began to slowly creep up and finally I reached the most views EVER in December last year, with 836 views, 350 new readers and the best time I’ve had with my blog. When I look back on my life over the last few years my blog is the highlight of it all, it really has changed my life and it’s the best decision I have ever made to start one. It makes it possible for me to share my passion with the world whenever I want and it’s somewhere that has no rules or schedules and that is completely mine and I love it. But that’s all thanks to you, every single person out there who has ever clicked on my blog and had a quick read of one of my posts, I know that for you it’s just reading something but for me it shows I’m succeeding in what I’m doing and that people actually want to read about what I have to say. THANKYOU!!


2014 brings good and bad things to rachelspick. For me it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend and get rid of and stop doing reviews on red carpet and award shows. I’m not saying that I’m never going to do any again but for now I’m going to give it all a break. I will still leave all the ones I have already done, so you can still come and read them, but for know that stage in rachelspick is over and it offers more of my time and energy to focus on other things.


But there is also some great things for rachelspick in 2014. I’m going to be starting YOUTUBE and properly this time, trying to post more regulary and create great content for you all to watch. I’m not saying that I want to become a full on you-tuber in the next year but I want to try and build my channel up more, because the few videos I came back with where a massive success and I want to continue that. Also, I want to add elements of personal style to my blog and share with your more my style and my own personal items of clothing, I can’t wait for that and I think it will be so fun! With that comes more great opportunities. I will be taking part in something called Fashion February, I will be doing a post about it nearer the time, so I won’t spoil it. Also I want to get some guest writers to come and give me some content and give a bit of variety to all of you, I’m on the hunt, so if you’re a blogger and interested please drop me and email at Finally I want to share more of my life passions with you and share a bit about beauty, makeup, hair and nail polish, so that should be fun and I hope you all like it when it comes.


You can see my 2013 life in blogging report HERE!


I love you all and wish you all a great 2014 and thankyou!!



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