My New Watch


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-Armani Exchange Watch


I’ve been looking for a new, “posh” watch for ages now. Looking from window to window in jewellers for that perfect one that isn’t an absolute fortune. Something that I could treasure whenever I looked down at it to see the time and an item that would always add a bit of class to any outfit. So when I saw this I instantly fell in love with it and wished that hopefully one day it would be mine.


I honestly felt like the luckiest girl alive when I opened that shiny pink and black gift bag and saw that matte black H.Samuel bag just sitting there waiting to be opened. Pure joy just ran through my body as I saw it!! I’d been looking at so many different ones from £90- £200, but this one was just absolutely perfect and screamed me. With white padded detailing and silver gems in each corner of the pattern, rose gold handles and Armani exchange strip, with a white leather strap.


I don’t want you to all think that I’m trying to show off or anything like that, but I just really wanted to share with you all my joy and excitement, because I think some of the best posts are personal and the one where you can learn a bit about the blogger behind the blog. I don’t really do many posts about my personal things so this is hopefully the start of several new things.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a great new year!


Love you all



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  1. 31st December 2013 / 9:39 PM

    It looks like a couch and i bet it was SUPER expensive.