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Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my second gift guide, based upon the girl obsessed by beauty and fashion!


But first, of course I will have my little everything update. I’ve decided to just call this talk time until I decide upon a proper name for it, because I feel like it really needs a name. Do you have any ideas?? Anyway since my last post quite a few things in rachelspick world has happened. So here we go:


First of all, there is now a massive 991 of us in our little family, but I suppose I can no longer call it little because 991 people is not at all a small number. I’m honestly so unbelievably overwhelmed at the fact that I’m only 9 followers away from 1,000! I will just be so overwhelmed when I finally hit it, but of course I won’t be that overwhelmed that I won’t be sharing it with you all, because if it wasn’t for you, none of this would be possible.


Another thing I want to share with you all is, last week we had the best views EVER, of all time!! We received a massive 249 views, and this month we’ve already beat every single month from February until October this year so far, with an amazing 590 views. I know for some people they may think that that’s not a big number, but to me it’s unbelievable that so many people have clicked onto my little blog and read my ideas and opinions on things. I’m just a girl from Central England that goes about her daily life and at night writes on her little internet space to over 990 people. It’s unbelievable! (Sorry I have used unbelievable way to much!)


This gift guide is all based around the girl who loves beauty and fashion. I know this may seem quite an easy one because you could just buy them a clothes voucher or some make-up, but what you have to understand with these girls is, they’re experts in their field whether it’s beauty or fashion, so they know exactly what’s what and who’s who. So it’s not so easy as you may first think. I would know because I’m one of these type of girls. I know what and where things are from and even spot someone in the street and know exactly where their coat or top is from. I suppose it’s just because I’m always looking online and in shops, because when your a fashion blogger you need to know your stuff!


So keeping this in mind, I have tried to include items that I think will be really unique and something that they won’t expect, because let’s face it, it’s great when you get a present better than your expecting to get or something that you totally don’t expect. I’m not trying to insult all of your present buying skills, but you all know I’m right! Everyone likes to receive something that they love and will treasure, because for me that’s one of the best things about Christmas, that you get to buy something for someone that they will really like and see their face when they open it!



1. A Fashion Magazine Subscription-

2. Design Your Own Perfume Experience–

3. MAC Make-up Session- visit your local MAC shop or counter for details

4. Fashion Makeover and Photoshoot for One–

5. ShoeDazzle Gift Card–

6. Glossybox Subscription–


My Favourite

The one I would love the most would definitely be the makeover and photo shoot. It would just be a completely unique experience and something that every girl who loves fashion and beauty would love. You would always remember it and it would be honestly so much fun. I recommend this type of thing, if you really want to push the boat out for that special girl!


I hope you find this useful and love reading it as much as I have loved writing it!


Love you all



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