Gift Guide- For the I’ve got it all

Oh simple things, where have you gone

Hello Lovelies


Welcome to my first of four gift guides ready for the Christmas period.


Before I get into the actual post, I’m going to do my usual thing and give you a mini update about things, to be honest I really need a name for this section,if you have ideas please comment on this post or tweet me.


If you keep in touch with me outside of my blog, such as on twitter and facebook, then you will know that the last week has been extremely busy for me. I’ve had a week full of exams and so many other things to do, that my little baby has been left to fend for it’s self a little bit. But I couldn’t be more proud of it! I mentioned in a small post update on Friday on my facebook page about how well it’s being doing without me, obviously this makes me feel so amazingly proud of myself and even more thankful to every single one of you. Honestly I would never be able to sit here and write a post and know that over 980 people are going to get a notification in their inbox about it, if it wasn’t for all of you!


 This year Christmas has just seemed to creep up on me. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t believe that there’s only one more weekend left until the big day and there’s only another 9 days to get any presents that we may need for our family or friends. Just to think that in 10 days time it will be Christmas day and hopefully we’ll all be tucking into our Christmas dinner and pulling off the lovely Christmas paper on our presents.


So considering this, you’re all  probably thinking ” why is she doing a gift guide this close to christmas”. Well the true reason is because I personally think that a lot of other people have done theirs way to early and that gift guides should be around this time. I know mine is about a week late but personally I think that you should do you Christmas shopping actually in December so you need a gift guide in December not October!


Also I’m doing my gift guides now to help anyone who is having a late minute problem for a present for someone, such as ” the has it all”, ” the technology guru”, ” the buy we whatever” and “the beauty and fashion addict”, as I need a little bit of fashion in all of this. I want to create gift guides to really help solve those Christmas problems that really give you sleepless nights and make you run around on Christmas eve looking for something to buy for the next day. As I want to help you all have a good, stress free Christmas build up. So for the next 3 days I will be posting a different gift guide for each of these scenarios.


Hopefully, if you have all read the title of the post properly, you will know that today’s gift guide is based around ” the got it all”. You will always have someone or several people in your family or group of friends that fit in this bracket. They are the type of person that just has everything that ever really want or need. So it makes it extremely hard for you to find a present that they will not only, not have but also will really like and appreciate, because often these type of people have very exacting standards about things.


So in order to really please these type of people you need to find something really unique and something that they wouldn’t just be able to go straight to their local high-street and buy. Therefore anywhere that has really unique items is a must and one of the best places to go for these type of things is the good old internet and onto websites like I have used a few of their gorgeous items in my gift guide, so instead of carrying on talking about it I’ll just get on with it right now:


For a woman

1.Personalised “From The Kitchen Of’ Stamp“-

2.Set Of Four Personalised Drinks Coasters–

3. Flo Jo’s Knicker Making Kit Scarlet & Olive-

4. Design Your Own Personalised Star Necklace–


 6. Personalised Home Cushion-


For the man


1.Grapevine Gift

2.’The Day You Became My’ Key Ring–

3. Personalised Leather Camera Strap–

4. Four Month Recipe Discovery Kit




I hope you find this inspiring and it solves some of your tricky present buying problems.


Love you all



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